Dear Aspirant, thank you for signing up to become an aspirant of the African Action Congress Party. We are very delighted to welcome you into the fold of the ONLY Political Party in Nigeria dedicated to the mission of Reclaiming, Reviving and Rebuilding Nigeria today, for the betterment of our people and the security of our future.


Registration of Aspirants on AAC Portal-
9th, May 2022 to 12th, May 2022.

Mass meeting of Aspirants with the National Executive Committee (NEC)- Date to be announced soon.

Meeting with leaders of other Socio-political organizations affiliated to the party- Date to be announced soon

Screening of Aspirants for all positions – Date to be announced soon.

Breakdown of Financial Responsibilities –

Obligatory Donation, Waiver, Membership Dues, Processing Fees for 2023 Aspirants and members of the African Action Congress (AAC), as it applies.

Expression of Interest – FREE

Nomination Fee – FREE

Obligatory Donations.

Presidential – 500,000 Gubernatorial -300,000 Senatorial-300,000
House of Representatives- 250,000
House of Assembly-100,000 Chairmanship-50,000
Councillorship- 25,000

Waiver to Run (for Aspirant whose membership is less than 2 years)

Presidential -200,000
Gubernatorial -150,000
House of Representatives-100,000
House of Assembly- 50,000
Councilorship -10,000

Up-to-date membership dues – 200 Naira/Month. (Not applicable for aspirants under waiver)

Form Processing Fee: 50,000 Naira flat for all positions.

Exemptions on Obligatory donations.

1. Handicapped/disabled – No donation
2. Women- 25% discount on donation.
3. Youth Corpers/Tertiary institution students- No donation
4. Less than 25 years- No donation
5. Artisans/Apprentices under 25- No donation.
6. Honorably discharged security personnel from Police, Military, Civil defense, and Road Safety- No donation

7. Serving or retired teachers, nurses and emergency service workers- No donation

Aspirants who are yet to register online, as members of the party, are enjoined to do so on .

Aspirants are advised to fill in functional email addresses and check them regularly, so as to be duly notified of all activities; submission, meetings, training, etc.

For more inquiries, contact

Comrade Oshiokue Philips
National Organizing Secretary

AAC- Take It Back- Action!


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