The app is designed for all Nigerians at home and abroad how who are interested and want to be part of our visionary AAC party, the African Action Congress party and the #TakeItBack movement led by Mr Omoyele Sowore.

The app is packaged to bring all the necessary and vital information of the AAC party and the #TakeItBack movement in preparation for the upcoming 2019 elections to everyone’s hands, use it  anywhere, at anytime. This app is made possible with technical support from Olawale Ayeni

With this AAC mobile app, you can:
1. Access and read the party’s constitution and manifesto
2. Register as a member of AAC party
3. Send your message to the party
4. Access the biographies and manifestos on all the aspirants for the different electoral positions under the party
5. Volunteer in any capacity to further project the awareness of the party
6. Donate or pay membership dues to the party
7. Receive alert for party news, upcoming events and also messages from aspirants
8. Get the contact details of each state AAC party chapter
9. Easily access other useful links pertaining to the party

Please download the AAC Android mobile app here. The file size is ~10mb

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AAC! Action!!!
Take It Back!

Abiodun Thorpe
Director, Data Analytics & Election Monitoring
AAC Party
#TakeItBack Movement