Dear Registrant, thank you for signing up for membership of the African Action Congress Party. We are very delighted to welcome you into the fold of the ONLY Political Party in Nigeria dedicated to the mission of Reclaiming, Reviving and Rebuilding Nigeria today, for the betterment of our people and the security of our future.

You will receive further correspondence from our local Grassroots Mobilisation Team within your local government area shortly. We look forward to engaging with you and enabling you to actively contribute your quota to the advancement of our Country – Nigeria. If you have not done so, we ask you to please register for (and obtain) your PVC today.
As “The Digital Brains” Party of Nigeria, we encourage you to please take affirmative steps to join and follow us on all of our online and Social Media Platforms to help spread the words that we are committed to taking back our Country from the clutches and stranglehold of the inept Leaders and Maladministrators who have been holding our collective future to ransom for so many years. Encourage everyone within your sphere of influence to join us and make a commitment to #TakeitBack. If you have intentions of contesting elections as a member of our Party, we also encourage you to start your mobilisation and proudly announce to the rest of the world that you are in this Movement to #TakeitAllBack

Thank you,


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