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igeria is blessed with creative, intelligent and enterprising people, as well as abundant natural resources. However, in almost six decades of independence, successive governments have failed to create an enabling environment that can unleash the creative and entrepreneurial energy of the Nigerian people. Nepotism, corruption, lack of vision and poor leadership have continually robbed our nation and its peoples of reaching their full potential.
Take It Back movement will unleash productivity and growth in Nigeria through a strategic focus on three (3) main pillars and 10 economic sectors. The three main pillars that unify the broad and ambitious plans that we are proposing to implement are:

  1. Enhancing National Security,
  2. Promoting sustainable growth, and
  3. Enabling self sufficiency in key areas of the economy such as Agriculture and petroleum products.

Although Nigeria faces extensive challenges, we have focused on those specific areas which we believe are key to realizing our goal of prosperity, growth and sustainable development. Our strategic focus will be on Security, Power, Infrastructure, Corruption, Economy & Jobs, Restructuring, Healthcare, Education, Agriculture and Tourism (SPICER HEAT).

Our plan will provide the following benefits within a single term of office, providing a platform for growth that future governments can leverage upon.

  • Expand economic growth and create 5 million new jobs across various sectors
  • Expand Nigeria’s power generation and transmission infrastructure to provide an additional 17,000 MW of energy
  • Expand Nigeria’s road and rail infrastructure to unleash productivity and growth
  • Enhance health care access for all Nigerians with Universal Basic Health Coverage
  • Provide access to affordable housing for 17 million Nigerian Households
  • Pay Workers and Youth Corpers a living wage by establishing a Federal Minimum Wage of N100,000