Ayorinde Akinnusi
Ondo State: Okitipupa

The cry of who to send to advocate and represent the interest of the masses at the State Assembly from shackles of oppressors supersedes that of the local governments, and that's why I seek the support of all the citizens in my constituency to drive a positive change.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;



Account number: 21062627769

David Enawore
Delta State: Uvwie

David is the convener of a youth awakening movement, a group that is championing the awakening, enlightening and sponsoring of morally sound and intellectual youths to get involved in policy making and governance in order to become the leaders of tomorrow.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;



Account number: 2211355571

Facebook PageGMAIL
Abdulmojeed Ilufoye
Osun State: Odo-Otin

Having worked and lived in different parts of the country, I've seen the struggle and I've witnessed poverty first hand in a rich country with so much potential. I started at the grassroots level in Igbogbo, Ikorodu area of Lagos State where I along side other youths in the area started a clean-up campaign, which personally metamorphosed me into being a full-time volunteer; working state to state.

My motivation in running for office stems from all I've experienced country-wide, realizing the time is now to get involved to bring real change to the people.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;


Bank: GTB

Account number: 0122199829

Facebook PageGMAILCampaign Website
Apeh Kelvin Abuchi
Kogi State: Ibaji

The last time I went to my community, the complaints about bad governance and poverty was overwhelming.  I was touched like never before, and  realized it was imminent that I represented my people.

Johnson Akor
Benue State: Okpokwu

Johnson is a hardworking Okpokwu local government native who loves his community and cares deeply about the welfare of his people. He's running for office in order to represent his people in a campaign that includes coming up with good laws and superb governance.

Facebook PageGMAIL
Olusoji Gbolagade Oduntan
Oyo State - Ona Ara

I noticed with keen interest that our people lack better and qualitative representation in the State House of Assembly and that's the sole reason why we haven't had so much done by the State Government for the past 19 years of our democracy. Hence, I wish to inform the people in my Constituency that I will be contesting as Member, Oyo State House of Assembly (Ona Ara Constituency) under the African Action Congress (AAC) platform in 2019.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;



Account number: 0228115359

GMAILFacebook Page
Benedict Nwokeji
Imo State - Oru East

I'm Nwokeji Benedict Chiduben from Erim Akuma Oru East LGA in IMO state Nigeria, and I'm the founder of a charity foundation for the less privileged kids and youths; 'A SMILE FOR AFRICAN CHILD FOUNDATION'. I'm down to earth and have dedicated my time to serve. I'm a born leader who doesn't rule, but lead.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;



Account number: 0079433098

Facebook PageGMAIL
Momohsani Oyakhilome Mavis Inu
Edo State: Etsako West

I believe in service to humanity, that was my drive when I became an active member of my Rotary Club. I'm interested in doing more for my community, and that's why I decided to run for office; to put big smiles on the faces of the people of my constituency and Nigeria as a whole.

Ahmed Momoh Hassan
Edo State: Etsako West

As a former student Union leader, I'm ready to use my leadership skills and experience to influence good governance in my constituency. As a community leader, my mission is to mobilize fellow citizens to take their future into their own hands.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;


Bank: GTB

Account number: 0047597359

Facebook Page
Akinwale Adepoju
Ogun State: Abeokuta North

Engr. Adepoju Akinwale Azeez is an activist turned politician, passionate to make a difference in his constituency. His fairness approach to public and/or personal affairs is exemplary to those who excel in good governance.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;



Account number: 2008233325

Facebook Campaign PageGMAIL
Oburumu Tamaraukepreye
Delta State: Bomadi

He is a social crusader who promotes equal rights and justice for all. A civil rights activist preaching the message of good leadership and governance through social media outlets, to have an optimal effect on the masses. These qualities were a major reason which made him ambitious to run for office and represent the people in his communities.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;



Account number: 0241935016

GMAILFacebook Page
Millah Dike
Delta State: Burutu South

His interests include restructuring the  collapsed educational system in his constituency; dealing with the drug abuse epidemic; women and youth empowerment; establishing a good welfare system for senior citizens etc.

GMAILFacebook Page
Binebai Beecroft
Delta State: Burutu North

My ambitions include bringing the attention needed to establish a good water supply system, providing the masses with quality drinking water in my constituency; lobbying for ways to explore ways to solve our electricity supply issues; lobbying for ways to provide/improve health care services/infrastructures; and many other programs that would bring value to my communities.

Kofoworola Beckley
Ogun State: Ifo II

Journalism has given me the opportunity to aspire to contribute to societal development. I aspire to serve my constituency meritoriously, if elected. I shall push for bills that will impact my community positively.

YAHOOFacebook Page
Chrysantus Melah
Imo State: Ngor Okpala

I've concluded that my people are being misrepresented, and feel the need to get involved. This has aspired me to run for office and make the voice of my people to be heard.

Facebook PageGMAIL
Osazuwa Jude Richy
Edo State: Uhunmwonde

.As a responsible citizen eager to represent my constituency; education, healthcare, youth empowerment are all the issues I feel strongly about advocating for. This has made me aspire to run for office and put me in the position to do just that.

Facebook PageGMAIL
Dr. Odidi S.E. Odidi
Delta State: Patani

As a lecturer, I've used my position to educate the people of my constituency and enlighten them I could bring change to our communities by getting involved with the politics of it. I would advocate and see that new policies and laws are adopted to better the life of our peoples.

Akinnubi Emmanuel
Lagos State: Alimosho

I am a youth who is tired of the way democracy is being practiced. I finally gained the courage to be part of the solution, and decide to run for office and deal with a lot of issues in our community.

GMAILFacebook Campaign Page
Oluwatosin Abiodun Dalamu
Ogun State: Ijebu North

As a responsible Nigerian citizen, who is honest and patriotic about the betterment of my country and the way it's ran; I plan to run for office in order to get involved to change the narrative. My aspirations include efforts that would bring good infrastructures, quality water supply systems, electricity and many more. I promise to serve my community religiously, in ways every citizen would be proud of being a part of our community.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;



Account number: 0427915122

GMAILFacebook Page
Yomi Besidone
Delta State: Warri South

I aspire to represent the beloved constituents in Warri South, by running for office at the Delta State House of Assembly in 2019. As a young aspirant, I've always believed that the pattern of our governance could be tweaked to favor the community. I intend to advocate for my people, and help pass common-sense laws. 

Instagram PageGMAIL
Akinwale Adebayo
Oyo State: Ibadan South-West II

I'm Akinwale Simon Adebayo (ASA), who's hails from Ibadan, Oyo State. I'm a candidate running for Oyo State House of Assembly, representing Ibadan South-West Constituency II.

Over the years, I've devoted my time to grow business-wise, and render my humanitarian services to develop human capital in my constituency.  I believe strongly that for a nation to grow and keep succeeding, she must invest in its citizens for the advancement of that nation.

My interest for running for political office was birthed out of the dissatisfaction of standards of living in my constituency and Nigeria as a whole, the deprivation of basic social amenities needed by the people has been blocked by bad governance in the hands of our corrupt leaders. I know it is possible to attain better standards of living in Nigeria, due to the fact that many nations not as rich as ours' has done it; in other African countries and beyond.

For my constituency, my goals include the following;
1. To highly improve our community schools at all levels

2. Build good and convenient market infrastructures to eliminate unhealthy trading environments.

3. Provide efficient commercial support for business startups and those who already exist.

4. Establish commercial skill acquisition centers with practical tutelage and professional mentorship.

5. Sponsoring youths between the ages of 18 & 24 for technical training programs abroad through international and local partnerships.

6. Development and maintenance of community healthcare centers.

7. Provide provisions to all mothers in need who need assistance to take care of their infants for a year after birth within the constituency.

8. Effective collaboration working hand-in-hand with citizens of the constituency by setting up frequent town hall meetings to discuss issues and how we can all solve them to attain community goals.

Nelson Mandela once said, "It always seems impossible until it's done". I strongly believe our goals are achievable.

We deserve better.


To support my campaign please donate to the following account;


Bank: GTB

Account number: 0047592323

Facebook PageYAHOO
Peter Aloh
Ebonyi State: Ezza North

I hail from Ezza North West Constituency of Ebonyi State, and I'm passionate about the betterment of our citizens. 

For as long as I remember, waste and looting of public funds and resources for personal gain has plagued the progress of our community. This made me conclude that I had to step up and get involved in the solutions; this is why I'm seeking office, to put myself in a position where I can initiate and advocate for change. To end all the governmental irregularities that has failed our people, and made the future less promising. 

GMAILCampaign Website
Johnson Sodmu
Lagos State: Alimosho

My interest to serve my constituency burns from the desire to make government work again by adopting new ideas that would bring value to the community, e.g., adopting a robust health care system, making Alimosho 1 constituency the technological hub for Lagos State through free training, a total overhaul of the educational system, and many others.

Facebook Campaign PageGMAIL
Danjuma Balogun
Oyo State: Egbeda

It is very rare to find people who have studied the art and science of politics on an academic level, then aspiring to run for office to bring that change people so desperately need; this would be one of those situations.

I'm contesting in the Oyo State House of Assembly race, Egbeda constituency in 2019, to represent my people.

Facebook PageGMAIL
Desire Omojaiye
Edo State: Akoko Edo

I believe that political positions were adopted for individuals who stand-out as genuine leaders, placed in positions to advocate for the overall betterment of the people; I haven't seen this in a long time. To advocate for solutions to the struggles of my people, I've chosen to run as a member of the Edo State House of Assembly, Akoko Edo Constituency 1. AAC is a new political party that shares all of my values, and they are ready to "Take It Back". Take Nigeria back from the hands of the old cabal who have nothing to offer us. I intend to get elected, with your support we can make this a reality.

YAHOOFacebook Page
Victor Asanbe
Ogun State: Ado Odo ota 1

My love and passion to serve humanity and the nation has always been undeniably true. I am currently contesting as a  member of the House of Assembly for Ogun State, Ado-Odo Constituency 1 under African Action Congress (AAC) party. I am vibrant and a man of integrity. Your votes for me would bring innovative changes to the betterment of our people's welfare.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;


Bank: GTB

Account number: 0122903000

GMAILWhatsApp Platform
Olufemi Johnson
Osun State: Ifedayo

I am passionate to run as a member of the Osun State House of Assembly to introduce an all inclusive advocacy program for my people. A program that's all inclusive and not just looking out for a few. These programs would leave no one behind, as the whole constituency would benefit from all adopted programs. New ideas, and innovative programs would be advocated for, and implemented seamlessly. Your votes are needed to bring us out of the underdeveloped scenery we're currently in. God Bless Nigeria!

Facebook PageGMAIL
Victor Akpati
Rivers State: Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni

My fellow citizens, the land of Onelga is blessed with creative, intelligent and entrepreneurial people. Notwithstanding, our people have been living in poverty, with nothing to look forward to due to incompetent leaders who have no clue of what it takes to represent the people. Well, I'm happy to announce that the party I'm running on; AFRICAN ACTION CONGRESS is out to change the status quo. We plan to exploit the following; 1.) Enhance security; 2.) Promote sustainable energy; 3.) Increase profitability from agriculture and petroleum products; and creative new innovative ideas to boost the Nigerian economy.

I'm asking for your votes in the race as a member of the Rivers State House of Assembly, so we can help in achieving the above goals.

WhatsApp Platform
Oludayo Oke
Oyo State: Ibadan North

I am a purpose driven chartered accountant committed to bringing hope to the less privileged, while adding value to peoples' lives and ensuring accelerated development. This is why I entered the race as a member of of the Oyo State - Ibadan North House of Assembly.

Equipping schools with modern teaching aids and accessories, upgrading roads and infrastructures, solving electricity inadequacies etc, are all on the menu. Your votes are needed to execute all these necessities for our people. 

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;

Account name: OKE OLUDAYO


Account number: 2281099884

Facebook PageGMAIL
Otunuga Adeyemi
Ogun State: Ijebu North

I promise to fight to amend laws that are detrimental to our constituency in the house. Laws that would benefit our citizens and cleanse the community. My promise includes a thorough scrub of our educational system at all levels, because I believe education is the key to any successful person. Please; I'm asking for your votes/support so we can actually implement these changes.

Campaign PageGMAIL
Augustine Abimbola Omoseebi
Ondo State: Akure South
I'm Abimbola Augustine Omoseebi seeking to represent the people of Akure South Constituency 1 in the Ondo State House of Assembly.
If elected as a Member of the State House of Assembly, I will strive to push for Bills that will positively impact my constituency.
*As a lecturer, and also being aware of the lapses in our educational system, I will focus on functional educational bills that would make our secondary school students acquire practical vocational educational training in a field of their choice while in school, in order to gain that job-skill knowledge that would make them competitive in the job market as soon as they graduate, if they wish to postpone their educational advancement careers.
*I will push for Bills to establish and fund Ondo State Agricultural Farms/Settlements to achieve constituency financial goals[ rich with Sunshine Rice, Pupuru,  Honey, Palm Oil, live-stock farming and all their by-products. This will create employment/income opportunities for our farmers and youths in the constituency.
*I will establish a major ICT/Media Pool in the heart of the town of Akure where our youths can learn practical skills that could generate employment opportunities in ICT such as Photography, Videography, Web Design, Computer Networking, Software Design, Web Design, etc.
* Projects would focus on empowering women and the youth through vocational skill acquisitions, which would link them to the available financial business programs to help them realize their dreams.
* I will establish 3 Vocational Centers in Akure South Constituency 1 where youths and women would be trained on trendy and money making skills.
The Centers will be in the following areas: Arakale/Oba-Adesida Road, Oluwatuyi/Ijoka Road and Oke-Aro/Idanre Road.
* I will promote sporting activities to foster peace among the constituents.
Join me as I bring true Dividends of Democracy to my people.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;


Bank: GTB

Account number: 0049189688

Facebook PageGMAIL
Anyasi Ikemefuna
Delta State: Oshimili North

One area where we can better the lives of our people, improve their living standard, and have them be apart of the solution, is the dividends payed through Sports. Sports is the highest employer of labour all over the world, yet we underestimate the total amount of revenues they can bring to uplift our community financially. 
For a start when elected, I  will concentrate my efforts on four different sporting areas; 1. Basketball, 2. Tennis, 3. Track Athletics and 4. Football. I intend to work in collaboration with schools to develop four academy centers where talent would be exploited and discovered. Competitive leagues would be set up for profit, to eventually help the community.

I'm aspiring to be a member of the Delta State House of Assembly, so please support me with your votes. I'm tired of being a spectator, when so many new ideas could be implemented to benefit our people.

Facebook PageGMAIL
Ibraheem Evelyn Mopelola
Ondo State: Ondo East

Youth development, women empowerment, and the revamp of infrastructures in our community would be highly fought for if I'm elected as a member of the house. My passion for good governance, and the effects it has on the overall morale of our citizens cannot be forfeited.

Facebook Page
Adetubokun Adesioye
Ondo State: Ondo West

The reason why I'm running and need your votes is because I would like to lend a helping hand to develop my community through the legislative arms of government. I am fed up of how things are being run, and want to be part of the solution. I believe in good governance, and I'm a strong advocate for it.

Facebook Page
Abduffatah Sambo
Lagos State: Shomolu II

I am contesting to represent my people to bring about sustainable development in my Constituency. Shomolu-Bariga is known in Nigeria as a breading area for destitute and street urchins. If elected, we will initiate programs that would prevent young people from joining notorious gangs and rehabilitate those who are willing to turn their lives around at no cost. My agendas include, but are not limited to following; Back To School InitiativesSkills Acquisition Initiatives, Career Development Centers.

Facebook Page
Olakunle Francis Akintan
Ondo State: Ondo West

My quest to better governance continues. I've contested elections twice and won as a Hon &.Councillor. My performance in my previous positions speaks volume of my pedigree and that's why I want to elevate my political status so more can be done to help our people.

If elected, I will represent all the people, ensuring that the electorates are involved in every legislative initiative. I will ensure that the youth and senior citizens are given priority as regards to community resources. Women will not be left out either; empowering them would be built into the scheme.

John Ubaka Agboifo
Delta State: Ika South

I am the best candidate to run as a member of the Ika South House of Assembly because of my passionate zeal and drive for humanity, especially for the good people of Ika South; my immediate constituency..

I believe in accountability when it comes to governance towards our citizens, A vote for me is a vote for the new future, where a change in governance protocols are imminent.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;

Account name: JOHNNY AGBOIFO


Account number: 1006196551

Facebook Page
Olaitan Soneye
Lagos State: Oshodi/Isolo

I'm interested in serving my people, who over the past decades have been disfranchised. My agenda includes, but are not limited to; construction of new roads, exploiting solar energy as a source of electricity, women & teenage empowerment etc. Anything that would help my constituency would be advocated for to help in the betterment of my people.

Elizabeth Ekanem
Lagos State: Eti Osa I

My mission is to represent the people in my constituency, especially the disabled people, who has been disfranchised and deprived of the basic needs of life. I shall be speaking on behalf of women like me, who by now deserve to be well represented in the community.
Also on my plate, is the betterment of the young vibrant youths who find themselves trapped in a system which doesn't put much focus on their advancements in the community. So I promise to serve with honesty, and integrity if given the privilege to serve as a member of the Lagos State House of Representatives.

Facebook Page
Kunle Adewunmi
Oyo State: Ibadan South East

Having witnessed the continuous decimation of the collective wealth in our nation over the past couple of decades by the current political cabals, I've decided to be join forces with this hurricane of change that is about to sweep Nigeria in 2019. To take back our collective wealth and adopt good governance practices to govern our people, I've decided to run as a member of the Oyo State House of Representative. Support and vote KSA as we work to achieve an egalitarian society that works for the benefit of all. May God bless Nigeria.

Olalekan Olarewaju
Ondo State: Ile Oluji/Oke Igbo

I intend to represent my constituency in ways that would bring hope to the community. Many programs involving education, healthcare, infrastructure and many more are of concern to me, and that's why I'm running as a member of the Ondo State House of Assembly.

Steve Acka
Benue State:
Kofoworola Adeleke

My name is Kofoworola Adeleke I was born at Alagba ajayi compound at afijio local government on 30th of April 1966

Jesse Idegwu
Adamawa:Yola North

I am a problem solver, and have been very interested in getting involved in the betterment of my constituency.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;


Bank: GTB

Account number: 0027205816

Facebook page
Areo Ajibola
Oyo:Ogbomoso North
Oladunmoye Damilola
Oyo:Ibadan North
Oluseyi Akisanmi
Ogun:Abeokuta South 2
Christopher Ovie

Mr. Chris Ovie is the founder/Director General of Centre for Community Health and Rescue Operation. He has worked with various local NGO’S and held various positions in numerous organisations that include Coordinator of Save Accident Victims Association of Nigeria, University of Benin, National Youth leader of Arise Nigeria, President of Nigerian Universities Accounting Students Association, University of Benin, President of Association of Master of Business Administration Students, University of Benin, President of National Association of Post Graduate Students, University of Benin. Mr. Chris is a seasoned entrepreneur and has experience in investment analysis and banking sector. He is currently the MD/CEO of Financial Supermarket Ltd. He holds a B.sc degree in Accounting, Master of Business Administration and Masters in Accounting from the University of Benin. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria. He has also attended several courses in Leadership and Human Resource Management. He has three professional international journal publications to his credit. He has bagged several awards both from the academia and social life due to his efforts in impacting the society in the area of youth empowerment and humanitarian services. He is very passionate about the social and economic development of Nigeria, Delta State and Okpe local Government in particular.

Oyo:Ibarapa East
Okikiola Taiwo-Jalupon
Lagos:Oshodi/Isolo constituency II
Bauchi:Bauchi central
Lagos:Ajeromi Ifelodun Constituency I
Olawunmi Akintayo
Jimoh Opeyemi
Oyo:Ibadan North West
Ayodamola OLU-AYOOLA
Osun:Atakumosa East and West

I am Olu-Ayoola Ayodamola, I have been a successful sociopreneur for Seven years, I have a professional background in vet medicine
For over 24 years I have observed, witnessed and experienced a consistently widening gap between the representative needs of the people and the deliverables received from previously elected Honorable Members of the State House of Assembly representing the Atakunmosa East/West Constituency.

I have noticed a lack in Vision, where the elected leaders have demonstrated they have no idea what the needed improvement and development of the polity should look like.
I have seen the lack in Character: where the elected leaders have shown no evidence of possessing the character that inspires hope and confidence in the possibility of a better tomorrow, neither have they demonstrated the character of Transparency and accountability that drives grassroots inclusion.
I have felt the lack in Competence: where they have failed woefully in planning with the consequential failure in execution.
I have been touched by their lack of Compassion; I still do not understand how a leader can be blind to the plight of his people or not be spurred to action by their cry for urgent help.

Facebook Page
Jagun Nasir
Lagos:Mainland II
Sunday Gabriel
Ogun:Ado Odo Ota II

The reason is that I know my constituency very well and I know their needs. I want my people to know and enjoy Democracy because they have been deprived so much. The communities in my constituency are not developed and and I want them to know and enjoy development.

Facebook page
Frank Romeo
Rivers:Obio Akpor
Adekunle Ayoola

Having seen democracy at work in other Nations of the World, realised that Nigeria and Odogbolu LGA need my expertise to bring governance closer to the Constituent and chart a path toward a commnunity prosperity viz a viz harness community human and natural resources for common good.
Born in the year 1975 to the family of Odusowobo Oresanya of Iperin and Oresile of Ogbogbo, attended Baptist Prymary School and LUBA Comprehensive School for my early Education. Thereafter moved abroad and bagged MA in Politics and Sociology from prestigious Lancaster University and Polish Academy of Sciences.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;



Account number: 1006231667

Lawal Afeez Oladipupo
Lagos:Eti-Osa II
Adamu Umar Miri
Oladotun Akinyemi Olusayo
Oyo:Ibadan North II
Orounja Gilbert Adekunle
Kogi:Lokoja II

I possess a reputable qualifications and mental ability to withstand any demand in all plenaries

Steve Acka
Emuobor Boyi

I am 29 years old Nigeria youth who is pained and fed up with the problem of my constituency and country. I am desirous for a new Nigeria. I don't have any political godfather / cabals. I am sponsored by friends, family, and good Nigeria citizens that have the interest of Nigeria at heart. Together with your support, sacrifice and donations, we can build a new Nigeria.

To support my campaign please donate to the following account;



Account number: 3107700262

Jagun Nasir
Theodore Roosevelt once noted that" A man of character and integrity will make himself worthy of any position he is given".As we count down to the twilight of new dawn, (Prince) JAGUN,Nasir Olatunbosun,has over the year proven himself as an astute believer in the ultimate welfare of humanity. A Lagosian who has a good understanding of the feelings and disposition of the people,hereby solemnly solicit your support to team up with the current hard working leadership in the state to provide the dividends of democracy that will transform the people in the center of excellence, Lagos State.
(Prince) JAGUN, Nasir Olatunbosun aka Oshankoro,as an undergraduate student, was an activist at the University Of Lagos where he Obtain a B.Sc degree in Marine Sciences. Highly Principled, Focused and Dogged in his pursuit of the welfare of his Constituency.
He has good understanding of mechanisms and dynamics of positives grass root politicking.
Consequently, He is determined to work tenaciously to positively Contribute to the upliftment of the Constituency in Yaba LCDA,Mainland Constituency 2
PRACTICALLY" He will join hands hereby with all interest groups,including Elders, Market Women and Men,Widows,Traders,Artisans,our vibrant and dynamic youths etc, all of whom constitute the fabric of our Constituency. 
I, Jagun Nasir Olatunbosun hereby humbly and sincerely asks for your support as I aspire to serve my constituency as the next member of the house of assembly representing Yaba LCDA Mainland 2
Ojaibor Ogboriavwien

Am ojaibor Ogboriavwien from Aladja community, udu local government area Delta State. Born on the 15th of January 1985. Presently aspiring to represent my beloved constituents of UDU constituency at the Delta State House of assembly under the platform of AAC PARTY. Am a graduate of the department of geology, university of Benin,Benin city. Currently running Masters degree program petroleum option geology department university of Benin. Have served in different level and capacity: financial secretary Mellinium Development Goals CDS group. Undergraduate coordinator, General Secretary,President in chapter level and state level of Federation of Colleges Ex student Christian Association ( FECA). Secretary of Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF) Yagba East KOGI Chapter. PROJECTS I have since 2008 done several projects that have affect students and youths also geared towards having a better Nigeria

Bolanle Moses Oluwadamilola
Oyo/Saki East / ATISBO

THE TRACK RECORD of Prince (Com) BOLANLE MOSES OLUWADAMILOLA Prince (Com) Bolanle Moses Oluwadamilola cut his teeth on Leadership when he was elected; The Public Relations Officer (P.R.O); Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) Ogbomoso. 2011- 2012 The General Secretary; NIGERIA AGRONOMY STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) Ogbomoso 2010- 2011 The Auditor General; FEDERATION OF OYO STATE STUDENTS UNION (NATIONAL COUNCIL) OYO STATE, NIGERIA. 2011- 2013 He was appointed the The Leader The Group Lautech: The only registered Socio Political Organization, LADOKE AKINTOLA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Ogbomoso. 2013/2014. The Public Relations Officer (P.R.O); ADENIKE STUDENTS MOVEMENTS. 2012 - 2014 Prince (Com) Bolanle Moses Oluwadamilola was the Pioneer Chairman; LADOKE AKINTOLA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (LAUTECH TORCH NEWSPAPER) 2012 The Chairman and and Publisher of LAUTALK MAGAZINE; Official Publication of LADOKE AKINTOLA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY STUDENTS UNION GOVERNMENT (SUG) 2011-2012 Member of Resuscitation Team; Federation of Oyo State Students' Union (LAUTECH CHAPTER) 2012. The Financial Secretary; Purser Officer of LAUTECH ROAD SAFETY CORPS (LRSC LAUTECH CHAPTER) 2011 Also the Pioneer Public Relations Officer (P. R.O) of Baptist Medical Center Secondary School (Project '07) 2008 till 2017 He was the President; Federation of ATISBO STUDENTS UNION (FASU) 2013- 2015 He was nominated as The Electoral Member National Association of Oke Ogun Students' Union NAOOS (NATIONAL COUNCIL) 2016 CONVENTION. He continued impacting the Leadership skills when he was appointed as the NYSC LIAISON OFFICER (CLO) PUBLIC & PRIVATE MATTERS IBADAN NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA FOR THE 2014 BATCH C SERVICE YEAR. He was one of the Volunteers at the Global Leadership Summit Ibadan Host Site. Prince (Com) Bolanle Moses Oluwadamilola has working experience in the following areas; 1. Estate Consultant; PAZINO Homes & Gardens Puri Mall, km 25 Lekki Epe Expressway, Ajah Lagos. 2. FIDELITY BANK PLC STAFF , 2018 3. AGRICTECH AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS CONSULTANT 2016 till date 4. AMSAJ LIQUID GEL ORGANIC FERTILIZER (IBADAN REPRESENTATIVE) 5. Director ; BOCBOD Projects and Services Ltd 6. Managing Director MFD Business & one of the Business Owner in the National Youth Service Corps Orientation Camp 2016 till date. 7. Presiding Officer; The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) 2015 General Election. 8. Corps Member General Liaison Officer; National Youth Service Corps. 2015 9. Agricultural/ Education Department ; IBADAN NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT OYO STATE 2015. 10. LADOKE AKINTOLA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Ogbomoso Farm (LAUTECH FARM) as Industrial Trainee 2012. Achievements by Prince (Com) Bolanle Moses Oluwadamilola; 1. Coordinated Small & Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) Grants of Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000) for Ninety (90) people each in all the Local Government in Oyo State. 2. Organized maiden edition of International Lectures on Corruption, Peace and Security as challenge to Nigeria development delivered by Senator Dino Melaye ; The Senator Representing Kogi West Senatorial District at LAUTECH on 21st February, 2013 3. Organized Lectures on Youth Empowerment and Mentoring Towards National Development by Professor OBC Nwolise, The Head, Department of Political Science, University of Ibadan. Delivered for The Youth Corp Member on 16th September, 2015 4. Organized Lectures on YOUTH FOR A BETTER NIGERIA/ FUTURE by Dr Adeoye David Adeola delivered at the GLOBAL DAY of Federation of ATISBO Students Union on 26th December, 2014. 5. Organizing Committee Member of NYSC Ibadan North and North East Local Government Passing Out Parade Party. 6. The Founder of the most prestigious Magazine within and outside campus (LAUTALK Magazine) 2013 7. In the spirit of oneness with Chairman of the Adenike Students Movement (ASM); he recorded a New Transformer to ensure stable Electricity supply for the Students in Adenike Area and also organized an Effective & Efficient Security Network across the area. 8. With records of facilitating and contributing to the construction of 500 Seaters Lecture Hall and equipping of HODs office with Computers, Printers etc. When he was the General Secretary (NASA) LAUTECH Chapter 2010/2011 9. With records of been a prudent Manager of resources as the Financial Secretary, Purser Officer of LAUTECH Road Safety Corps (LRSC LAUTECH CHAPTER) *Awards and Certificate* Award of Value; NYSC Ibadan North Local Government (2015 Public Lecture) Passing Out Party Award as the Most Outstanding Corps Member (2014 Batch C) Certificate of Service; Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Students Union Government, Kudirat Abiola Building (LAUTECH) Ogbomoso. 2013 Certificate of Commendation; National Youth Service Corps (OYO STATE) 2015 Certificate of Merit; Nigeria Association of Agricultural Students (NASS) Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomoso Nigeria. 2010/2011 Session Certificate of Honor; National Association of Oke Ogun Students (University of Ibadan Chapter) 2013/2014 session. Certificate of Attendance; Agricultural Society of Nigeria 2010. GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT Certificate of Participant, Ibadan Host Site. Certificate of Meritorious Service; University Baptist Church, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomoso, Nigeria. 2014 Certificate of Merit; National Union of Saki Students' (NUSS) Saki Oyo State, 2014 Certificate of Merit; Federation of ATISBO Students Union, 2014. *Classes Attended* Masters in Research and Public Policy MRPP (University of Ibadan) Project Management Essentials Certified by the board of trustees of the Management and Strategy Institute. Servant Leadership certificate at YALI Network and lot of many more certifications. Prince (Com). Bolanle Moses Oluwadamilola is a tested and trusted candidate come 2019. His decision to seek an Elective position into the Oyo State House of Assembly was founded on a conviction that he possess both the capacity to offer something new and make life more meaningful to the downtrodden masses of the Saki East /ATISBO State constituency.