Francis Shonubi Speaks on Purposeful Representation and the Lagos East Senatorial Race.

Francis Shonubi Speaks on Purposeful Representation and the Lagos East Senatorial Race.

 I believe the kind of senators we have in Nigeria are just playing a kind of shenanigan that does not represent the interest of the common man –

-Francis Shonubi on TVC

Francis Olarenwaju Shonubi is popularly known as ManiKongo of Afrika. He is a graduate of History and International Relations from University of Lagos currently vying for a seat in the Lagos East Senatorial District under the African Action Congress [AAC]

On the 17th January 2019, he had a conversation on TVC with the Mr Nifemi Oguntoye as the anchor. In the interview with the link below, Mr Shonubi spoke on why he is the preferred candidate for adequate representation of the people of Lagos East people.

When the interviewer segued into regional sentiment tied to Ikorodu, stating that the region has produced senatorial candidate between 1999 and 2003, he responded by stressing that we cannot limit representation of Lagos East to just Ikorodu, although he is from Ikorodu.

I want to speak to my people, the good people of my constituency. We are not looking at Ikorodu now. We are looking at five Local Governments.  We are looking at direct representation at the red chamber. We are not (just) looking at Ikorodu because when you say Ikorodu, you are going to be marginalizing all other constituencies. I am talking of Bariga, Shomolu…etc. We are looking at purposeful representation of our people, so don’t let’s talk about Ikorodu factor now. Let’s look at the people in that constituency.

The interview also delve into the odds of winning the elections with the interviewer emphasising the fact that the ruling party is fielding a supposed experienced candidate who has been member of the State House of Assembly four consecutive times. Mr shonubi, without hesitation, argued that there is no bill passed in the entire period of time the said candidate spent in the State House of Assembly.

I am from the same constituency with him. He has been in the lagos state house of assembly for 3 consecutive times and I have not seen anything that he has done. I am not saying this to downplay him but I am saying there is no bill.  He never sponsored any bill – Francis Shonubi.

Speaking about failure of legislative representation of his region, he said:

Let me say that in my own constituency, I have not seen any direct impact. I have been in my constituency for, let’s say, for decades.

Having spoken on character, he expantiated on his trackable antecedent and how entrenched he is in his local community;

I will say this with all modesty.  I am someone that believes in humanity. I see  myself as a humanist and I feel the pulse of the common man. I am qualify for this position I am vying for. I will say it with all modesty, I have been tested and trusted from  Secondary school through my university days and in my community. As I speak to you, I am the secretary of my community which is the Igbogbo kingdom. I am organising secretary of the Igbogbo kingdom festive period that we normally have, which is a signature event.

According to the interviewer, Mr Francis Shonubi will be wrestling at the polls with fourteen other candidates.