Omoyele Sowore’s Quotes

Omoyele Sowore’s Quotes

“It is over for the old people, it is over for the cabal, it is over for the mafias that have been running Nigeria down.”

“People who destroyed your past cannot guarantee your future.”

“Since I stepped into the campuses of the University of Lagos in 1989 (30 years ago), I have not looked back from fighting to enthrone an egalitarian society.”

“For every four years we vote in wrong candidates, we lose 35 years of our individual productive lives and our national development.”

“I am the most transparent candidate, I have capacity, I have pedigree and I have an indestructible antecedent”.

“I can run Nigeria better than President Buhari, even in my sleep. There is no need to become a Local Government Councillor or a Senator when I can run a better country as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

“Nigeria has no business being poor, we have all it takes to make Africa great.”

“If Nigeria gets it right, Africa gets it right.”

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2 Replies to “Omoyele Sowore’s Quotes

  • Ola Alese

    By Ola Alese


    AAC greatest nigerian people.

    My name is ola Alese. I live in ikorodu gberigbe. I am a British nigerian. I have recently relocated to Nigeria .
    I am taking up your campaign in ikorodu please sowore we need to bring this campaign to light in my area. So much to say . Please get in touch.

    • Micheal Adenola

      By Micheal Adenola


      You can reach out to Rachel on 08185900110

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