AAC Is A Party Created And Dominated By Youths, Says Sowore

Speaking today at Impact Radio, Ibadan, Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress has said that his party, the AAC is a party created and dominated by young people.
He said, “AAC has no youth leader because it was created and dominated by the youths. He said the youths have always been at the frontline of political activities in nigeria. The youths fought for independence and won. They also fought for democracy and won.
He mentioned that other political parties should also allow their youths to take up important positions in their parties.

Addressing the identified problems of the country, he said the problems are two-fold; Institutional problems and foundational problems which is the bigger problem.
To resolve the issue of foundation problem is to create a brand new constitution which would be agreed upon by all Nigerians.
He said the constitution currently in use was created by the military using a decree, without considering if people want to coexist peacefully.
“Restructuring for a lot of people depends on where they come from. It has different definitions for different people. Nigeria is a diverse country. While some people want state police, some want to control their resources, some said it’s about devolution of power, whereas all these are not enshrined in the constitution. Amending the constitution is a waste of time and resources. A brand new constitution that is all encompassing is what is needed, he said in a response to a question on restructuring.

Speaking on structures, Sowore said the structures of a political organization are the people. The people form their own structures and pledge allegiance to candidates from time to time as it suits their own agenda. The structures on display are the transactional structures which are only used in election period. That is not a structure but a stomach infrastructure. He urged the people to constitute the structure of any genuine political movement. Any structure that is not rooted in the in the minds of the people is not worthy to be called a structure, he said.

Revealing his plans for the people as president, he said, “Our plans are based on SPICERHEATT, an acronym of our blueprints. It starts with SECURITY, POWER because no country in the world has ever industrialized and prosper without electricity. INFRASTRUCTURE, dealing with CORRUPTION, ECONOMIC system that allows nigeria to participate fully in the economy progress of the country and RESTRUCTURING, HEALTH, EDUCATION AGRICULTURE, TOURISM and TECHNOLOGY. This can be found on www.sowore 2023.org, he said.”
Sowore said implementing these ideas is very easy. There are several sources in which electricity can be generated, like biogas.
He also mentioned that the waste generated from Lagos State alone can generate electricity for the whole southwest.

Concerning education, he said he will properly invest in education and make education free at all levels. It is not rocket science. It has happened before, he said.

He also reiterated thee plan of the AAC to pay one hundred thousand study allowance to students every semester. He said ASUU could be allowed to go on strike because the government is less concerned about the common man and they don’t want the common person to get educated while they keep sending their wards to private schools and abroad.