We are shocked that the Lagos State chapter of INEC have decided to throw caution into the whirlwinds by concluding to contract the distribution of sensitive elections materials to the Lagos State Parks Management led by Musiliu Akinsanya AKA MC Oluomo.

The African Action Congress (AAC) strongly believe this is a joke taken too far. For obvious reasons that the Park Management and MC Oluomo are open members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and particularly the failed ruling party’s presidential candidate; Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

We want to ask Professor Mahmood Yakubu whether Mr. Olusegun Agbaje, the INEC Resident Commissioner in Lagos is still a staff of INEC or a usurper of it’s avowed directives. We recall that Prof Yakubu promised at the infamous Chatham House conference that INEC will do everything within it’s powers to make sure the elections is not rigged. So, how come a notorious thug and imposed ruler of the Motor Parks is now the one to handle the logistics of the February 25th Elections?

Is Professor Yakubu and Mr Olusegun Agbaje of INEC telling Lagosians that we should not bother to vote anymore?
Or is Mr Agbaje not aware that Tinubu openly confessed how the 2015 Elections in Lagos were rigged in favour of current Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu? The video is in the public!

What MC Oluomo and the neo-fascist Parks Management would do is to send ballot materials to only APC strongholds, and disenfranchise other Lagosians. Where the votes are against Tinubu and Sanwo-Olu; they would simply do “Korope”; as Tinubu noted in the leaked rigging video, to sort of ballot boxes where they have lost. And only deliver ballot boxes that favour APC to the collation center.

We want to warn INEC not to burn this elections. AAC will mobilize Nigerians to reject all impunity. We will resist all forms of rigging and stand with Lagosians and Nigerians in their plans to destroy the greedy self-proclaimed landlords of Lagos.

With the current pains and hardships in fuel crises, Naira scarcity, and high cost of living, the APC is yet ashamed of the mess they have put all Nigerians. They believe they can march our heads in the mud and also openly and brazenly rig elections.

The masses will rise very soon to massively protest the madness economic hardships imposed by Buhari and Emefiele, while they will also jettison the fake messiahs in Labour Party who are now openly and shamelessly supporting the wickedness of the CBN, banks, oil Marketers, and the Buhari government. AAC has been clear from the beginning that APC/PDP/LP/NNPP are all four fingers of the leprous hands of the fascist and failed primitive and barbaric capitalist system being forcefully piloted by Buhari.

We therefore give Mr Olusegun Agbaje, and Professor Mahmood Yakubu 48 hours to reverse all the plans to allow the APC through MC Oluomo to have unfettered access to the sensitive elections materials, with serious apologies.

We also call on INEC to immediately transfer Mr Olusegun Agbaje away from Lagos. Most political parties, especially the AAC cannot trust Mr Agbaje to lead the Lagos elections free and fair.

We want to finally urge Lagosians to be ready for #IrapadaEko, where a greenhorn political party that stands with Lagosians under the rains and in the sun for the past four years, would be voted in. Akeem Olayiwola and Ben Eze are disciplined members of the only socialist party on the ballot: the African Action Congress (AAC) whose presidential candidate is Comrade Omoyele Sowore.

AAC has been fighting alongside Lagosians in all of their travails in the hands of police, land grabbers, Iyalojas, LASTMA, and the ruinous greedy government at Alausa. A vote for AAC is a vote for #RevolutionNow!

Towolawi Jamiu,
AAC Lagos State Campaign Council.

Our Goal In The AAC Is To Phase Out Major Political Parties Creating Environmental Problems: Sowore

The presidential candidate of African Action Congress (AAC) in the presidential debates with his opponents on climate change and environmental concerns has said if people properly live their lifestyles, no harm would be done to the environment.

The AAC flagbearer, Omoyele Sowore while fielding questions on environmental issues has said their goal in AAC party is to also challenge the people creating environmental problems in this course of addressing the problems..

“Our goal in our party, the African Action Congress is not only to address environmental problems but also to phase out the major political parties in Nigeria that are creating environmental problems particularly the APC and PDP and their overflow party.

He urged the students to find it in their hearts to make sure to elect the right people to govern the country, people who are versatile and can interact at least with students.

He said most people think when issues of environments are being discussed, the discussion revolves around environmental sanitation, houses or growing of foods alone. Whereas the environment determines the climate changes and vice versa.

“Our lifestyles, if properly done, cannot harm the environment.
When Ken Saro Wiwa stood up and challenged the government and the international companies, it came to most people’s awareness that the Niger Delta region is not only being destroyed but the activities of the oil drilling companies are also destroying the ozone layer above our heads.

He mentioned that Nigeria has had a major flood that has killed people and the problems are being left unnoticed and unaddressed.

Sowore, who is the only geographer among the presidential candidates, said there is a comprehensive way in dealing with environmental crises affecting the people.

He said one of the ways is to generate sustainable living in the country and it starts with generating electricity with all other sources that can be provided to achieve that. “We are going to jettison the use of fossil fuel in this country.

He also stated that oil resources are the biggest source of crime in the world. The biggest criminals are those who drill oil because they don’t only kill people, they also kill the environment.

He said he will as the president of nigeria ensure a law that will punish environmental pollutants.

I Know I Will Win This Coming Presidential Election: Sowore

Sowore on channels tv, in an interview with roadmap has said he will win the presidential election comes 2023. Omoyele, the presidential candidate of African Action Congress said he will win the coming election because a lot of Nigerian people are tired of the bad system.

“A lot of people in their millions are tired of this old system of doing politics. They are tired of hunger, starvation, scarcity, terrorism, banditry, corruption in this country and they have indicated that they want to turn things around and I have presented myself to do so and I have made very powerful arguments wherever I have been given the opportunity.

“My credibility and consistency of thirty years can be attested to. Nigerians don’t want the same people who were governors for eight years and ruin their states. They don’t want people who have never stood up for anything. I have been standing up for the Nigerian people for most of my life and I have never been remunerated for it, and I am not looking for remuneration.

“I just want to keep doing what I know how to do best, which is to stand up for the people who are vulnerable in our society and those who may not be vulnerable but deserve a better place to live. Not everybody wants to leave Nigeria, some people want to stay. And there are so many people who leave
and later discover the grass is not as green as thought on the other side.

He said he is standing up for them and he believes, having been made and given the opportunity to present himself, Nigerians can see transparency through him and vote for a leader that can work for them .

“A leader that is capable, a leader that has integrity, a leader that believes in progress and prosperity for the country, a leader that has ideas and is able to present them and share them with many people.

“I don’t just think I will win, I know I will win. Because it will be a win-win for the Nigerian people and I believe they will take that decision sooner than later, he said.”

Any Experience That Carries Sacrifices Is More Important Than The One That Carries Remuneration

In an interview with the NTA, the presidential candidate of African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore has said he is more experienced than all of his opponents combined. Recounting his involvement in the past events he said, “I have been part of every event in this country from which there was a transition of governance to another.
“When I was a student leader, I was part of these people who fought, that is leadership. I was a leader who took bold steps to say military rule must end.

“It took us a while, there were bruises, i was detained at least eight times before i left nigeria, i was expelled twice and was almost killed at the university of lagos, i was poisoned at a time and after ten years in 1999, that process came to an end an we were victorious.

He said if he was a soldier, his name would have been written in Gold.
“If I were to be in the Nigerian army, having fought for ten years, I would have been given different titles. My shoulder would be filled with epaulets because I would have been a victorious soldier.

He mentioned his consistency in the involvement of the continuous transition of government

“After that I left the country, there was another transition that was needed which was from civilian to civilian transition which ended in 2007. I was one of the people who sent obasanjo off from becoming a third term president.

“I made another transition which was professional. I studied geography and planning at the university of lagos and ended up becoming a successful journalist.

He said these are the track records that people look at. Leaders who are dynamic, who can adapt and speak to issues, who can stand up for issues, who understand leadership, followership, who understand the issue affecting their people.

“I became a publisher in 2006, Sahara reporters became a global brand. I opted not to go to the world economic forum but i opted not to go to the world economic forum, i went to the world social forum instead to learn about social issues, land, resources, and when that ended there is another transition in this country that people didn’t take note of.

“We had a president that was voted into power in 2007 then, he was sick. This country was held to ransom by cabals behind that late president, and when the country was looking for people to resolve the problem, I came in handy, using sahara reporters to expose every part of the schemings behind.

“There was supposed to be a coup but the publication we did which is now confirmed by the former chief of army staff by that time thwarted the coup.

He said being experienced has nothing to do with being in power alone.

“It might just be that you are a great witness of history, it is a great experience because that helps you understand your country better. What serious countries call experience is not occupation of offices or power, it is character and capacity that the person must have developed himself over time, understanding the issues and solving problems, whether in the private or public sector.

“I have been of service to my country. I have been a public servant but as a citizen servant as opposed to a paid public servant.

“Any experience that carries sacrifices is more important than the one that carries remuneration.

“I am better experienced than most of them because I have sacrificed everything I could that I have, to become the leader that I have become today, he said.”

Whoever Says Nigeria Is Complex Hasn’t Been To Complex Societies: Sowore

The presidential candidate of African Action Congress, Omoyele sowore in an interview with NTA has refuted the popular saying that Nigeria is a complex state.
He said Nigeria is not as complex as people think. “Whoever says Nigeria is complex hasn’t been to a complex society.
“I have lived in the United States for 20 years and just one state in the US, Alaska, is bigger than nigeria. California is half of Nigeria, Texas is seventy five percent of Nigeria, these are just three states and there are fifty of those states managed by one person, the president of the us.

“But because we’ve been conditioned to believe that every problem is complex then we often refer to Nigeria as a complex place to govern. “I understand that there are two hundred and fifty different languages and several other tribes and cultures managed but that is not an excuse for anyone who wants to manage a state or a country within which you can get from one destination to another in an hour and fifteen minutes. I’ve been to countries that should typically be more complex than nigeria.

He said he has been to third world countries, peaceful countries, socialist countries, communist countries, capitalist countries and all of them are governed by one person.

He said solutions to the supposed complexity is what matters. “The moment we throw the complexity of a country as an excuse, we are not looking for a solution but a pity party.

“Leaders look for solutions and not to define complexity as something that cannot be overcome.
We have overcome different ages, from the stone age to a very computerized age and now we are in the age that is defined by artificiality, artificial intelligence.

He maintains that there is nothing complex about constructing a good road network from Lagos to maiduguri.
“It shouldn’t be complex to build hospitals nor be complex to finish Lagos ibadan expressway, the AAC flagbearer said.”

Omoyele Sowore Joins Lagos Marathon


The presidential candidate of African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore participated in the just concluded marathon in Lagos.

He had earlier challenged all other presidential candidates to join the race in which none of them appeared.

However, his supporters came in their numbers to join him in the marathon race tagged #RunWithSowore.


The African Action Congress (AAC), and our presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore, hereby condemn in the strongest terms, the currency and fuel shortages deliberately inflicted on poor Nigerians and wreaking socio-economic havoc across the country. We place the blame squarely on the incompetence and irresponsibility of the Buhari-led APC government. True to its character, this government has precipitated a crisis clearly targeted at deepening the suffering of the Nigerian people whose welfare and security should ordinarily be its priority.

Against every sane advice, and without the slightest shred of public input, this government launched a wasteful scheme to redesign (read recolour) the national currency purportedly in a bid to trap looted funds stashed outside the financial system, check counterfeits, and restrain politicians from amassing cash to compromise the electoral process. Having been hastily conceived without public input and shambolically implemented , the policy has proven an unmitigated disaster with ordinary Nigerians now caught in the middle.

The banks have obviously colluded with rogue politicians and bureaucrats to horde the limited quantity of the new currency injected into the system by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) whose compromised leadership can do very little to compel compliance.

Banks and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) all over the country are empty. Our people can not access their meagre savings to buy food and meet other necessities as starvation stares them in the face. A wave of mass anger is sweeping through the country, and chaos looms if the situation is not immediately remedied.

We believe that, with due diligence and foresight, the government should have deployed a range of liquidity management policy measures, to achieve the objective of reducing monies in circulation for vote-buying in the elections, instead of adopting a poorly thought-out option that merely succeeded in exposing the Nigerian people to needless suffering. The government should also have focused on strengthening INEC and the security agencies to enforce our electoral laws by apprehending and punishing vote buyers and other electoral offenders. This has not been the case. The Buhari government has rather put Nigerians through hell than directly confront the rogue politicians in his party and their clone parties.

Sadly, the desperation occasioned by the chaotic execution of this policy will further make our people vulnerable to the monetary inducement of the same politicians purportedly targeted by the policy. In essence, the Buhari government may, in fact, be setting up a fertile ground for rigging and vote buying by making access to money scarce in the run up to the elections.

Meanwhile, even before the start of the currency crisis, Nigerians were already grappling with severe fuel shortages and astronomical increases in fuel pump price by more than 100% in some areas. This condemnable situation has worsened inflation and driven millions more into poverty.
As we write, none of the country’s refineries is functional. Trillions of naira continue to be looted under the guise of fuel subsidies, while our people are forced to queue for hours in search of products they never get, or at prices they cannot afford when they manage to get the fuel.

The AAC and our candidate, Omoyele Sowore, are deeply troubled by this wave of attacks against the Nigerian people. We demand an immediate resolution of the currency and fuel crises so that our people who are already on the brink will not be pushed over.

We urge the Nigerian people to bring an end to this characteristic incompetence of the APC government and its sister parties by voting for the AAC in the coming elections. Our party, with our _People’s Manifesto_ is implacably dedicated to the total liberation of the poor masses from the clutches of the APC and its sister parties of the rich few who have held Nigeria and Nigerians down through the years.


Onyinye-Gandhi Chukwunyere

AAC Presidential Campaign Spokesperson

Sowore, The Only Presidential Candidate On Restriction And Unable To Travel.

The presidential candidate of African Action Congress, Omoyele sowore is still being held unjustly in nigeria.
Comrade sowore was arrested in the middle of a dead night on august 3rd 2019 for speaking truth to power. After his unlawful arrest, he was detained for 5months at DSS facility in abuja and thereby restricted to abuja (City arrest) for 3 years. Sowore would be the third person to be restricted to a city in the history of Nigeria after chief obafemi awolowo and pa imoudu.

During the course of his trials, sowore has been severally and severely attacked and faced with brutality from both the police and sponsored thugs.
He lost his brother, who was shot at by unknown gunmen, to the cold hands of death and was unable to travel to his hometown to mourn.

Also, during his unjustly restriction to abuja, he has been arrested and rearrested overtime and despite his tribulation and inconveniences, the AAC flagbearer has out of concern, campaigned and secure the release of several individuals, groups of people, known and unknown, who have been unjustly arrested and detained.

On March 21, 2022. The federal high court in abuja declares (#RevolutionNow) sowore’s arrest and detention illegal and award him damages against the lawless dss.

Sowore remains the only presidential candidate that cannot travel out of the country for his campaigns due to an unjust court order.

As of the time of filing this report, the presidential candidate , Omoyele sowore is still restricted to Nigeria, his passport seized and unable to travel out of the country and hasn’t seen his immediate family, wife and kids in 4 years.

Sowore is the only presidential candidate who as an activist has been consistent in demanding justice, fairness and equity for the Nigerian people.

Nigeria Practices Capitalism For The Poor And Socialism For The Rich: Sowore

The presidential candidate of African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore has said Nigeria practices capitalism for the poor and socialism for the rich. He made this statement while speaking on the ‘state of the nation’ in economy aspect, at the Nigerian bar association and presidential candidates conference.

“Nigeria practices capitalism for the poor [go and work hard]; and socialism for the rich [sit back and get waivers, sit back and buy companies that we spent billions to make for peanuts, and we will still give you grants.

“The Nigerian economy needs to change its philosophy. The economy of Nigeria since the military took over had a different makeup dictated by the world bank and the IMF(structural adjustment program).

“It has been imposed on Nigerians to the extent that ‘Nigeria practices capitalism for the poor and socialism’ for the rich.
Until the Nigerian economy serves the Nigerian people in such a way that the Norwegian economy serves Norwegian people ( nordic socialism), we are not going to get anywhere, he said.”

He mentioned that students get paid to go to school in Denmark, unlike Nigeria that shut down its schools for 9 months and expects progress.

“Nigerians ruined their country with people who have no knowledge. A knowledge based economy is what we need.

He said the leaders of Nigeria are economic terrorists. “They are terrorizing our economy, disables, treasuries, they are terrorizing people by making sure they don’t have jobs, they terrorize workers by paying them slave wages.

He described those who are managing the monetary policies as a glorified bureau de change organization and in conclusion, Mr Sowore said that Nigeria is a country of talkers and he wants to be a doer.

Nigeria Needs A Leader Who Understands The Importance Of Human Lives: Sowore

AAC presidential candidate, speaking on security at the NBA conference with other presidential candidates said that Nigerians need a leader that understands the importance of human lives.

“We have not gotten to a point where Nigerian leaders understand security. Human security is the first security that should be encouraged. You cannot crush one hundred and thirty three million people into multidimensional poverty and expect the country to be secured, it wont work. What Nigeria needs is a leader who understands the importance of human lives.

Mr Sowore further said to solve security problems, nigerians must understand fundamentally what the Nigerian security architecture is all about.
“The Nigerian security system is not meant for nigerians. Nigeria’s security system is for the elites, those in power. Nigeria’s security system therefore operates what is known as a police state.
“All our policemen, investment recruitments in the judiciary are meant to protect those who are in charge of nigeria.

He said in Abuja, they are less policemen at checkpoints and more at the Nigerian rulers’ houses.

The presidential candidate said for Nigerians to be secured, nigerians must vote without sentiments. “For us to get a Nigerian security for the Nigerian people, the Nigerian people must be able to vote for a Nigerian leader because, any leader that is voted for religious reasons is going to be the leader for the religious movement. Any leader that is voted on ethnic basis can only represent his ethnic concern. Any leader that is voted on the basis of any primordial sentiment will only represent that primordial sentiment and that is why Nigeria is where it is today.