Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies – President Muhammadu Buhari started his second term
as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as he meant to continue: with no message of
hope and nothing to offer the good people of this country.

Yesterday, the elderly leader set a new record by being the first democratically elected leader in the
history of Nigeria not to deliver an inaugural speech. The Take it Back Movement, led by Omoyele
Sowore, believes this shocking silence to be disrespectful to Nigerians and further reflective of the
non-existent plans that the APC-led government has for the country.

Anyone holding out for change, next level or any level other than the one the country has found
itself would have been met with silence yesterday. Silence at a time when the economy has plunged
to unimaginable depths. No advice as lawlessness and terrorism reign supreme, and the criminals –
those with guns and those in positions of power – escape unpunished. No words of comfort or
encouragement as Nigerians are denied entry or rights abroad and denied respect at home. No stern
words or promises of sanction or punishment for those who bleed the country dry and waste human
lives at scale as people are denied security, access to healthcare, education or reliable infrastructure.

We do, however, thank him for his honesty. The man who assured the nation four years ago that he
“belonged to everybody and nobody” made it clear in his first term that he did indeed belong to a
select few who did not serve the interest of the Nigerian masses.

The flagrant disregard of a leader who has secured his second term and no longer has a need to keep
up the pretence is not surprising to us at the Take it Back Movement, and we remain resolute in our
stance: Nigeria must be liberated. We will continue to speak truth to power, educate the masses,
and show our people the freedom in daring to hope. Where they meet Nigerians with silence, we
will give our people revolution, a dream to aspire to. We will fight every step of the way to create a
Nigeria we will be proud to call home.

Rachel Onamusi-Kpiasi
Director, PR, Media and Communications
Take it Back Movement/African Action Congress