Our attention has been drawn to a post believed to be a press release emanating from the intra-party advisory council (IPAC) in Ogun state, wherein some elements endorsed the Governor for re-election.

We want to state unequivocally that the African Action Congress (AAC) is not part of such charade, as a separate party or as a member of IPAC. Our party is distinct in ideology and principles and would not endorse a Governor that does not represent any pro-people agenda.


Dapo Abiodun is one Governor who should be apologizing to Ogun state citizens and not campaigning. This is why we find it ridiculous that an advisory council who should actually act as a constellation of major opposing voices, would have anything to do with meeting the Governor, let alone endorsing him for re-election.


From dishing out crumbs as governance and littering the states with half-completed projects yet launched , the “contract percentage” Governor has failed woefully to deliver good governance to the people and should not be rewarded with another term.


The AAC seizes this medium to restate its commitment to stay the course and to assure the good people of Ogun State that help is on the way. Our candidate remains the indefatigable Mr HARRISON ADEYEMI and we urge every electorate who is tired of the misgovernance of Mr Dapo’s 4 ruinous years to vote the AAC.

Liberty is on the ballot.



Ogundimu Aishat


State Publicity Secretary,

African Action Congress


Adesina Afolabi

State Chairman,

African Action Congress.



Why Sowore? Adeola Soetan writes

Why Sowore? Adeola Soetan writes

Why Sowore? She asked.


She asked me for my prefered presidential candidate


My reply: I voted for Obafemi Awolowo, I voted Gani Fawehinmi, so you should know my prefered candidate.


She said “so you are voting for Sowore, why? But he can’t win he doesn’t have money and he should just remain an activist.


My response: Well, I’m not a bandwagon voter, I don’t vote for who and who people think will win. That’s the height of idiocy. I don’t like to use my finger to do myself and start regretting it later like how many Nigerians are regretting now for voting Buhari and APC. They promised them better governance from the odd past but they make today worse than yesterday. Facts speak for themselves.


I’m voting Sowore mainly because he’s the only one who didn’t say he would remove a non existent petrol subsidy. You can’t talk of subsidy when all your refineries are consciously destroyed and a huge amount of your crude oil stolen on daily basis running into billions of Naira. Even candidate Buhari himself in 2015 said correctly that there’s no oil subsidy, he described it as fraud. He was right, as a former petroleum minister and former head of state, he’s well experienced to know that there was no oil subsidy in the real sense of it but subsidizing corruption and inefficiency in government and passing the yoke to poor Nigerians who are now paying over N300 per litre of petrol from the N87/litre .Buhari is like a sheep that flocks with dogs, feces will be its best meal.


The first major protest I participated as a student activist in Great Ife was against the so-called “oil subsidy” removal in 1988 during Babangida regime. Myself & Yinka Odumakin took the protest posters to UI and Ibadan Poly for mobilisation. The risk of entering back to the heavily militarized campus through the bushy sewage area was much to bear in the night. And since then every succesive looting government has been talking of oil subsidy removal to punish the people as stealing and inefficiency continues in government.


Sowore is the only candidate that publicly declared his assets. Others didn’t. You can’t fight corruption by hiding your own wealth, the source, your assets and liability should be known and verified. I think that’s a simple public morality aspiring public officers should observe if we are serious about fighting corruption.


She interjected: Sho you don’t know politics. Activism is different from politics..


I asked, please what is politics? Brigandage, looting, killing and maiming. Vote buying and selling, election rigging, unprincipled acts of political survival. So you don’t know that great politicians like Awolowo, Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti, Margaret Ekpo, Mallam Aminu Kano, Nelson Mandela, Nnamdi Azikwe were activists and politicians. Madam, pls go and read your political history very well. Stop joining arrogant political illiterates who always spew rubbish that activism is different from politics just because they have been made to see politics in the wrong image of their rogue leaders. Pro-human politics is an extension of public good driven activism.


I asked her: Pls tell me your own understanding of politics for my enlightenment.

“Sho, .leave me alone, you are too opinionated, na you Sabi”


I asked again: “so you can’t tell me your own understanding of what you people call” politics? ”


” Goodnight Sho, pls leave me alone… ”


Adeola Soetan

AAC party Lagos lambasts APC over mockery of lagos residents as flood epidemic ravages the state.

AAC party Lagos lambasts APC over mockery of lagos residents as flood epidemic ravages the state.

A press statement by the spokesman of the Lagos State Environment Commission, Kunle Adesina, said residents of areas like Ketu, Alapere, Agric, Owode onirin, Ajegunle, Alagbole, Kara, Isheri olowora, Araromi Otun orisha community, Agiliti, Maidan, Mile 12, Odo Ogun, Owode elede, Agboyi 1, Agboyi II, Agboyi III, located on the banks of Ogun River need to relocate to higher ground.

The AAC party condemns and rebukes the press statement issued by Kunle Adesina. The statement was written and signed by incomprehensible people who have no idea of the government’s responsibility in times like this. How can a warning about environmental hazard be announced to the people without taking mitigation and compensatory measures?

Where does Sanwo-Olu intend to relocate the poor working people living in the above areas? Has the Sanwo-Olu government made arrangements for their relocation? Is there a plan to deal with the economic hardships that the floods will bring to these people?

One expects such statements from Nigeria’s ruling elite without plans to stop the threat. A few days ago, we heard Bola Amed Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the APC, aka the Architect of Lagos, aka Sanwo-Olu Landlord, refer to the problem of climate change, which is the main cause of the floods we are currently experiencing across Nigeria, as “preventing a church rat from eating the poisoned holy communion.” They do not care about mitigating climate change, nor do they care about the damage and economic hardship it is causing to ordinary and poor people.

The incompetent misrulers of APC are bereft of the simple idea that Climate change can affect the intensity and frequency of precipitation. Warmer oceans increase the amount of water that evaporates into the air. When more humid air moves over land or converges into a storm system, it can produce more intense precipitation, which becomes the heavier rain and storms causing the flood in Lagos!

In Lagos State, lack of intra city trains has caused lagosians to use more cars, which increases heat and makes the ocean warmer than usual. Failure of the Sanwo Olu led regime to collect, manage and recycle waste for economic purposes is directly responsible for blockage of the few and inadequate drainages in Lagos state. It is also important to also note that the lagos state government allowed their cronies to sell lands indiscriminately without the state having to first build roads and drainages before the lands are being approved for sale. The areas of Lagos in proximity to the ocean and rivers in Lagos are Etiosa and Ibeju Lekki LGA, it covers over 648km of land and almost a million residents yet the state government is yet to build one single drainage to control the floods.

Flooding is nothing new in Lagos. The Eko Atlantic project grew out of the “Great Wall of Lagos,” which was intended to protect the coastline of Victoria Island from erosion. However, the project only served to protect the properties and businesses of Nigeria’s ruling elite, while causing further environmental crises in working-class neighborhoods.

It is a shame that after eight years of rule by the so-called architect and landlord of Lagos, which he claims to be, and fourteen years of his puppets, there are still no policies and measures to protect the vulnerable residents of Lagos from flooding. They have left the poor working class of Lagos to the whims and caprices of bourdillon godfathers and their housemaids. Well, the irresponsibility of Sanwo-Olu is to be expected as his government is only there to serve the needs of his landlord and the 1% ruling class in Lagos.

That is why the AAC party, which is the only party today that stands up for the people, is calling on the people of Lagos and Nigeria to break away from the fascist neoliberals who put profit above our lives and welfare. The upcoming elections are another opportunity to pay them back in kind for all the misfortune and hardship they have brought upon us. It is time we take Lagos back from those who believe that Lagos belongs to them.

Osatohamen Ebhohon
African Action Congress Party, Lagos.

Press statement: AAC Oyo chapter set to unveil candidates ahead of elections

Press statement: AAC Oyo chapter set to unveil candidates ahead of elections


It is now clear that the people of this country and this state automatically have come to realize the only alternative political party that is left to liberate them is the African Action Congress (AAC) party. For us, it is encouraging to see our people come to consciousness and are taking responsibility for their political affairs.

For so many years in Oyo State, the residents haven’t experienced good governance or the dividends of democracy and our political affairs have been grossly (mis)managed by those that do not have the interest of the common people at heart. The people of Oyo State have not been able to describe what they have really benefited from this democracy we pretend to practice as the political gladiators (so called) are continuously overriding the masses for their personal gains.

Sadly, none of our past and current governments have directly impacted the life of the people for the progress of our socio-political system and all they are known for are injustice, corruption and political imbalances.

To point out some of their mischievous acts; we could recall the year 2020 when the Federal Government released food items to various States Governors as palliatives to relieve the common people of the economic hardship caused by the pandemic, it was clear that the State Government only distributed the palliatives among their patronage network. In that same year when the #EndSars protest happened, many protesters lost their lives and till date no public prosecution has been made in that regard.

The African Action Congress as the alternative political party with the interest of the people at heart is here and ready to bring genuine democracy back to the people of Oyo State and the nation at large. It’s going to be an all-inclusive government.

Our party believes in collectiveness to get rid of these political marauders and to end their long reign of political businesses. In this vein, we urge all well meaning residents of Oyo State to join us in unveiling the party candidates on the 22nd of October 2022.



Party NEC dissolves state executive committee, constitute caretaker committee in Kaduna, Kano, Kaduna, Kebbi, Jigawa, Sokoto and Zamfara state

Party NEC dissolves state executive committee, constitute caretaker committee in Kaduna, Kano, Kaduna, Kebbi, Jigawa, Sokoto and Zamfara state


Our Ref: AAC/NWC/SEC/022/11
To: State Executive Chairmen State Working Committee



Further to the submission of the report of the AAC-TIB Expanded Committee which was set-up by the National Working Committee of our revolutionary party to study the state of our party structures nationwide and provide recommendations, the NWC in line with Section 49 (iii) and Section 52 (ii l) of the party’s constitution, hereby dissolves the State Executive Committees in the states under reference. This dissolution notice is with immediate effect.

This decision is taken for the urgent need to reposition the party in the light of different developments that have undermined the growth of the party in the states listed.

Consequently, the following individuals are hereby appointed to serve as Caretaker Committee Members of the Party in the States under reference, pending the announcement of an elective congress.
1. Chairperson – Jamilu Mohammed Sani
2. Vice Chair- Bilkisu Abdullahi (Kaduna North)
3. Vice Chair- Awwab Ibrahim Ahmad (Kaduna Central)
4. Vice Chair-
5. Secretary – Abdulmumin Murtala Giwa
6. Organizing Secretary- Shedrack Danladi
7. Publicity Secretary – Kalu Christopher Abuchi
8. Treasurer – Rahmatu Abdullahi
9. Legal Adviser- Auwalu Muhammad Haruna
10. Women Leader- Aisha Dauda Ibrahim
1. Chairperson – Hon Abdullahi Abba Sheriff
2. Vice Chair- Alhaji Dauda Abubakar Bichi (Kano North)
3. Vice Chair- Hon. Usman Ali Usman (Kano Central)
4. Vice Chair- Abdulkadir Ado (Kano South)
5. Secretary – Usman Hassan Usman
6. Organizing Secretary- Bashir Aliyu Muhammad
7. Publicity Secretary – Zubair A. Zubair
8. Treasurer – Abdulrahman Muhammad Yusuf
9. Legal Adviser- Barr. Rabiu Sidi
10. Women Leader- Hajiya Maryam Bashir

Kano continued;
11. Youth Leader- Fahad Abdulsalam
1. Chairperson – Kado Mashi Babangida
2. Vice Chair- Alhaji Lawal Tudunwada Funtua (South)
3. Vice Chair- Muhammad Maizamani (Central
4. Vice Chair- Musa Muhammad Daura (North)
5. Secretary – Dr Aliyu Machika
6. Organizing Secretary- Aisha sani
7. Publicity Secretary – Mallam Aminu Bara’a
8. Treasurer – Mohammed sani Usman
9. Youth Leader- Bashir Yar’adua
10. Legal Adviser- Barr Ibrahim Umar Rafukka
11. Women Leader- Sumarra Hadi
1. Chairperson – Abdul-Nasir Nassarawa
2. Vice Chair (1)- Nura Nataala (Kebbi Central)
3. Vice Chair (2)-
4. Vice Chair (3)-
5. Secretary – Engr. Bala Bashar
6. Organizing Secretary- Atiku Abubakar
7. Publicity Secretary – Muhammad Dan-Uwaye
8. Treasurer – Abubakar Khadir Umar
9. Legal Adviser- Barr Mohammed isa
10. Woman Leader- Bilkisu Attahiru
11. Youth Leader- Ibrahim Abdllahi

1. Chairperson – Bashir Abdullahi
2. Vice Chair- Chika Shehu
3. Vice Chair- Nura Jumaidu
4. Vice Chair- Alhaji Tukur Hafiz
5. Secretary – Zutuku Ibrahim Jodi
6. Organizing Secretary- Chika Shehu
7. Publicity Secretary –
8. Legal Adviser- Suleiman Ibrahim
9. Women Leader-
1. Chairperson – Yasir Bin Yusuf Maiglass
2. Vice Chair- Yahuza Ciyama (Zamfara North)
3. Vice Chair- Johnson Ayegba (Zamfara Central)
4. Vice Chair- Abdullahi Umar (Zamfara South)
5. Secretary – Al-Amin Bashir
6. Organizing Secretary- Umar Abubakar
7. Publicity Secretary – Bello Isa Mafara
8. Treasurer – Ashiru Muhammad
9. Legal Adviser- Maryam Tafida
10. Women leader- Hanan Umar
11. Youth leader- Hassan Isa Gusau
1. Chairperson- Ahmed Isyaku
2. Vice Chair (1)- Shittu kabiru Aminu
3. Vice Chair (2)- Ibrahim Ahmad
4. Vice chair (3)-
5. Secretary- Yakubu Suleiman
6. Organizing Secretary-Hussaina Isyaku
Jigawa continued;
7. Publicity Secretary- Tirmizi Ali Wakili
8. Treasurer- Yakubu Usman Sabo
9. Legal Adviser- Barr. Abba Hassan
10. Youth Leader- Baffa Musa
11. Women Leader- Hajia Maimuna Nuhu Inuwa
As caretaker committee members, the Party expects you to be above board in your conduct at all times and would ask for your commitment to deliver outstanding quality leadership and results that exceeds expectations even as you go about setting up Party structures at the grassroots.
Note however, that your Powers and Functions are as outlined in Section 37 (a), (b), (c) & (d) of the constitution of the party.

Please accept our warmest congratulations.


Ina Okopi-Agu National Secretary




We use this opportunity to inform that our candidates for the Governorship and Deputy Governorship offices in the Osun 2022 Elections are:

Olufemi  Eniola JOHNSON (Governorship)

Olugbenga Justus Odunewu (Deputy-Governorship)

Both are the properly elected candidates of the party in the forthcoming elections. The Sogbadero Team will bring a new spring of radical change to the whole of Osun, and save our people from the current fear of voting between the devil and the deep blue sea!

We condole with all Nigerians that are under the scourges of massive insecurities. We call on the Buhari government to stop trading with the lives of Nigerians through its inept, impune, and incompetent rulership of the country.

We believe that Nigerians should obtain their voters cards, engage massively in civil actions and take their destinies into their hands by voting the People’s Candidates and standing against all oppressions!

Another Nigeria is Possible!

After Court ruling, AAC sets up Task Force to investigate fraudulent activities of impostors and get justice for victims

After Court ruling, AAC sets up Task Force to investigate fraudulent activities of impostors and get justice for victims




It has come to the notice of the National Working Committee (NWC) of our great party that a group of persons unknown to the party are parading themselves as leaders and are currently planning to meet to conduct “primaries”, despite the ruling of the Court confirming the authentic leadership of the party.
We want to inform the public that such gatherings are not authorized by the National Working Committee or any sub-national leadership organ of the party. Even though it is clear that any activity conducted by these impostors is a nullity, we warn these impostors to desist forthwith in their best interests.

The final dates for primaries as communicated to INEC by the NWC, are 7th June, 2022 across respective States and 9th, June 2022 at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. 
And preparations are in top gear to present the best candidates to vote for, in the general elections, come 2023.

The party leadership has also set up a 5-person RECOVERY COMMITTEE to look into all matters surrounding fraudulent activities, carried out by the impostors and their agents.
Recall that in 2019, our party released a widely publicized disclaimer, which warned members of the public not to have any party dealings with the impostor who was already expelled.

However, in the spirit of justice, we are willing to help unsuspecting members of the public who may have fallen victims to the fraudsters. Anyone with solid evidence of fraudulent activities done in the name of the party should kindly approach the RECOVERY COMMITTEE without any delay.

Our party shall continue to stand by its known principle of justice and fairness and would ensure that justice is served to all, at all times.




Femi Adeyeye
National Publicity Secretary
African Action Congress

AAC in 2023 Elections ; all you need to know

AAC in 2023 Elections ; all you need to know

Considering the INEC time-table, the party leaders swung into action and ensured that all that’s  required of the party which includes submission of membership register, delegate list, mode of nomination to be adopted have been fulfilled by the party leadership and copies of acknowledgment from INEC are in the archive of the party.

As you may recall that the National Working Committee of our great party on 6th of May, 2022 announced the line-up of 2023 pre-election activities which has received massive acceptance by Nigerians, members and non-members inclusive.

The Activities includes the following-

Registration of Aspirants on the Expression of Interest portal  – 

There are currently 109 Aspirants onboarded.

Note- The six-day extension by INEC announced on May 27, 2022 has made it now possible for people aspiring to run under the party to register as quickly as possible.  As an aspirant, please seize this opportunity to do the needful.

Leadership Meeting with Aspirants – 2 virtual meetings have held already and a loop has been created for continuous discussion. New aspirants will be added after registering on the portal link shared above.

Screening of Aspirants– A 7-person committee was inaugurated with Mrs Edith Isokpan chairing the Committee.
Note- This is a continuous process that has started already. Aspirants will proceed to screening after fulfilling financial responsibilities set by the National Working Committee. See details on financial responsibilities-

Account Details –

African Action Congress

Zenith Bank 


Date of Primaries
– June 2nd (All categories except Presidential position) and June 3rd (Presidential)

Note- Any extension will be properly communicated to registered aspirants.

Other very important Committees that have been inaugurated by the National Working Committee:

1. AAC-TIB Committee- To look at the state of the party structures across sub-nationals and advise accordingly.
2. AAC Manifesto Review- Change is constant and as the name implies, the Committee has been saddled with the responsibility of reviewing the manifesto of the party to continually be in the best interest of our people.
3. AAC-Labour Relations Committee- This committee has some of the finest labour activists who are reaching out to labour centers (The NLC, TUC, ULC) across the country on behalf of the party. Work is ongoing.

There is no gainsaying that we are on full throttle as we coast to victory come 2023.

For more information, please contact-

Comrade Philip  Oshiokue

(National Organizing Secretary) 07033155960

#ASUUStrike: NANS pledges solidarity.


National Association of Nigerian Students, (NANS), Southwest( Zone D), has pledged its support for the Association of Staff Union Universities (ASUU), in its ongoing strike action.

The leadership of the zone headed by the Coordinator, Comrade Adegboye Emmanuel Olatunji, popularly known as “Teejay”, made this known in an official Press Release that was made available to the public in the early hours of 22nd of February 2022.

It should be recalled that the National body of the association, led by the National President, Mr. Sunday Asefon, had earlier threatened to mobilize students against ASUU, and to stall the progress of the demands of the Union.

Read below, the Press Statement:

The leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS ZONE D) today, the 22nd February 2022 held an all important meeting with the leadership of ASUU LAGOS ZONE, basically over the ongoing one month warning strike embarked upon by its members across the Nation.

After much deliberations and intellectual engagement between both bodies , we assured the union of our solidarity and support in this titanic struggle. A major reason why we have considered to join our lecturers in demanding for their right is significantly the decay in infrastructure and social amenities across our universities thereby making teaching and learning process difficult for both the students and lecturers even as we are not unaware that their children are studying in diaspora.

As the most ideological zone in the apex students governing body NANS , we will mobilize machineries and our foot soldiers in solidarity with ASUU until the federal government meets all their major demands.

It’s a sad development to know that Federal government has not been funding most institutions created, and have turned same to a means of embezzling funds, thereby making most of this universities to extort students due to the retrogressive nature of the Nigerian education sector, leaving school managements with no option than to source for funds by any means which includes charging students high to access the same education they got for free.

It is worthy of note that the agitation and demands of our lecturers include; funding for the revitalization of public universities, earned academic allowances, University Transparency Accountability Solution, and promotion arrears, others are the renegotiation of the 2009 ASUU-FGN Agreement, and the inconsistencies in the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS).

Finally, ASUU LAGOS Zone proposed that the only solution to the ongoing warning strike is amending the present law of university creations, adopting the system that supports that quality payment structure for educational workers, and adopting measures that must not further jeopardize the future of Nigerian Students but rather measures that prove and show the commitment that our leaders truly have our interest at heart.

Viva Aluta!

Comrade Adegboye Emmanuel Olatunji pka Teejay
Coordinator, NANS Southwest (ZONE D)

“Asefon must stop embarrassing Nigerian Students”- TIB Campus Wing.

ASUU Strike: TIB Campus Wing takes position.

TakeitBack Movement Logo

The Campus Wing of the Take It Back Movement, Nigeria, has accused the President, National Association of Nigeria Students NANS, Sunday Asefon, of embarrassing Nigerian students, following his Press Release, in reaction to the ongoing strike.

Mr. Sunday Asefon in his release, had threatened to mobilize students against the progressive actions of the members of ASUU. It should be recalled that, on Monday, 14th of February,  members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, commenced a strike action, in reaction to the failure of the Nigerian government to keep to the agreements between both parties.

In a Press Statement which was made available on the 15th of February, 2022, Mr. Damilare Adenola, the National Coordinator of Take It Back Movement, Campus Wing has however, made it known that the organization stands in agreement with ASUU on the decision made the Union made.

Read below, the Press Statement;

“ASUU Strike: Asefon Must Stop Embarrassing Nigerian Students; We Stand With The ASUU/FGN 2009 Agreements!

A Take-It-Back Movement (Student Wing) Press Statement

It was with sadness, although not surprising, that we received the news of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) effecting a 1 month warning strike in order to force the Federal government to honor their previous agreements.

We have also read the statement of the acclaimed NANS president, Sunday Asefon in response to the 1 month industrial action, threatening to to mobilize students against the lecturer’s union for taking a progressive stance in the interest of public education. As a pro-student organization, we wish to describe the statement as anti-student, anti-workers and a total embarrassment to Nigerian students, and our right to a well funded public education.

Take It Back Movement student wing stands strongly with 2009 FG/ASUU agreement, the essence of which was: (i) To reverse the decay in the University System, in order to reposition it for greater responsibilities in national development; (ii) To reverse the brain drain, not only by enhancing the remuneration of academic staff, but also by disengaging them from the encumbrances of a unified civil service wage structure; (iii) To restore Nigerian Universities, through immediate, massive and sustained financial intervention; and, (iv) To ensure genuine university autonomy and academic freedom.

Although, as apt as the 1 month warning strike action may be, it is our opinion that ASUU must follow it up with direct actions such as protests and picketing in order to further intensify the current pressure on the Federal government. Whereas the lecturer’s union must not look away from the strength of solidarity waiting to be harnessed from the students’ populace.

It is in line with the foregoing that we urge the entirety of Nigerian students to look beyond government propaganda against the strike action and pitch their tent with the ASUU’s public education revitalization struggle for which they are its greatest beneficiary”.

Damilare Adenola
National Coordinator.