Omoyele Sowore On NTA Abuja

Omoyele Sowore On NTA Abuja

“This is my first time on NTA since we started 9 months ago, and I am a citizen of Nigeria” – Sowore, on NTA, Abuja

Elections are in about 35 days and AAC cum #TACKITBACK continue to expand national discourse with potent and achievable solutions. On Wednesday, 8th January, 2019, was an electrifying engagement with Omoyele Sowore and his deputy, Dr Rabiu Rufai, on NTA, Abuja. In the interview that lasted for just about 34 mins, Sowore and Rufai expound on ranges of solutions stemming from the campaign promises – SPICER-HEAT.

Sowore boldly spoke about energy mix to generate up to 24000 megawatt and the need to take 13 million kids out of the street. In speaking about herdsmen issue, he spoke about establishing ranches and the opportunity to harness cow dung from up to 20 million cows for bio-gas and electricity.

Speaking further, he said we can sufficiently pay for the manifesto by managing our resources properly and attracting investors who will not come and invest in short term investment and take away their profit whenever the market crashes.

When asked about housing and other AAC manifesto’s deliverables, Sowore responded, our population is not exploding to the extent we cannot cater for the needs of our people. He further said, our politicians like to compare us with China but in China they have ghost houses – houses built in excess of an exploding population. Expounding on agriculture, Sowore asserts that with technology, Nigeria can become Africa food basket.  He spoke about postharvest losses and also said we cannot continue to practice agriculture the same way we are currently practicing agriculture.

“We travelled from Yola to Jalingo. It took about 4 hrs. We found that farmers along the road are still using donkeys and horses to drive their plow. Along the same road we counted nothing less than 50 SUVs own by government officials”, said Sowore.

During the nuanced conversation, Sowore alluded to the skewed media practice that invites more of the thieving politicians for media interaction. He said these politicians don’t even come for the media interactions with the people they lead or desire to lead. They would rather send proxies.

Sowore also advocated for improved political engagements that can change the leadership of Nigeria such that the people that are currently suffering can see a great life before they leave this earth.

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