We, the Gubernatorial candidates of the African Action Congress (AAC), are not amazed that the expelled candidate of Akwa Ibom; Kwara; and Enugu; have deceived two other candidates of Gombe and Oyo to join in their wild goose chase while the party has significantly campaigned vigorously in this elections.

As Sowore is the presidential candidate, we too are candidates. As Sowore is meant to campaign heavily, we too are meant to do same. But few amongst us, who really never campaigned but just scheming to make fortune out of the elections are the ones disturbing our ears with uncharitable noises. Anyone who is serious as a candidate should go to the field, raise funds, move massively, leverage on the great works the party have being doing, and ask the people for votes.


The excuse that Omoyele Sowore is allegedly “not in the race” and so, we have to look for a candidate to back is lazy, mischievous, and smacks of gross irresponsibility.


The same Sowore is being followed around for endorsements by candidates of other parties. The same Sowore has been able to solidly work and won the People’s Redemption Party (PRP) to its side which has helped our work at the state levels.


We urge the press and the public to know that it is not a sin nor an abomination that our presidential candidate is not a billionaire nor a money monger. In the Labour Party, while their presidential candidate is very rich having been a former governor, thesame man has ‘sold out’ many of LP’s Guber candidates to secure favour from the big parties, like the case of Rivers.


But Sowore has remained forthright. All of the big parties respect us. And we the Governorship candidates are proud of our presidential candidate who even while not So wealthy has enabled the party to secure it’s place amongst the five leading parties nationally.


We want to finally ask our friends to appeal to the party and get restitutions, except if they are only interested in private profiteering. Nigerians need a new society that will be for all citizens and not a few. Most of the big parties will continue with the wicked policies that have put us where we are today. And we are happy our friends referred to the cruel and failed Naira Redesigning which has put millions of Nigerians into a difficult position. It is on record that only our party and Omoyele Sowore that have come out openly to tell the world that the Naira Redesigning is meant to punish the people. So we are proud of our candidate. Anyone living us to align with the billionaire candidates, and saying that he is doing so to change Nigeria is only a hypocrite. It is the big parties that have caused our suffering, only AAC can take Nigerians to the promised land.


The African Action Congress (AAC); from Lagos to Ogun, Kano, Benue, Bauchi, Abia, sokoto, Enugu and Rivers: the party of the masses have moved to the mountains. We are showing Nigerians that even though we may not have the volume of cash in the hands of the so-called big parties, our ideas are the richest to take Nigeria back and deliver her citizens from the bondages of hardships and oppressions.



Victory is certain 💪




Akeem Olayiwola,

Lagos Gubernatorial Candidate.


Chief Ewaoche Obe,

Benue Gubernatorial Candidate.


Harryson Adeyemi,

Ogun Gubernatorial Candidate


Alhaji Mahmud Sani Yakasai

Kano Gubernatorial Candidate


Buhari Idris’ Adamu

Bauchi Gubernatorial Candidate


Ahmed Ibrahim Babajo

Sokoto Gubernatorial Candidate


Chief Bond Ohuche

Abia Gubernatorial Candidate


Barr. Ivy West

Rivers Deputy Gubernatorial Candidate


Itodo Shedrack

Enugu Deputy Gubernatorial Candidate