AAC Party: Update on States’ Congress(es) and National Convention

AAC Party: Update on States’ Congress(es) and National Convention

Owing to rapidity of events and activities which has produced unintended outcomes in the last few days, it has become necessary that we make the following clarification, and urge members and aspirants to be guided going forward:

1. Advertised date for obtaining, and submission of Nomination Form thereafter are no longer tenable. Members and Aspirants please should take note that it is being extended till Sunday, September 16, 2018.

2. Date fixed for our party primaries, that is, States’ Congresses – Sept 22, 2018 and National Convention – Sept 26, 2018 respectively will still hold as planned, however, they will run through the Sept 22 to Sept 26, 2018.

This effectively means that the window dates between Sept 22 to Sept 26, 2018 will accommodate our States Congresses as well, if it is not completed in some states.

3. National Convention still holds on October 6th, as planned, venue to be disclosed

4. Details of the primaries will be announced before the end of this week, including the venues of the various Congresses across the country, the Congresses/Convention Committee(s) to undertake these assignment, and other information relating thereof.

5. Coordinators, without delay should reach across to aspirants contesting for various positions in their respective States, just as aspirants should do likewise (Abiodun Thorpe) should be reached immediately for this purpose.

6. Our Nomination Fees remain reasonable when compared to that of many political parties, however, owing to appeals and request to review our fees, aspirants with requisite qualification(s) are advised to get in touch with the undersigned without delay.

7. Finally, note that we are a new political party and these teething challenges are not uncommon. We are working to overcome them.

Leonard Nzenwa
National Secretary
African Action Congress