Elections are fast approaching and it is important that Nigerians vote and vote right. Below are some reasons we are sure voting for AAC and Omoyele Sowore is smart and is able to secure for all of us a better society that can support our potentials as a nation.

AAC Party Structure and Operations:

  • Rapid Spread of the Party:

AAC, though just about four months old now, has covered all the 36 states in Nigeria, plus the FCT, and has gained traction as the most viable alternative to the popular traditional political estates of greed and corruption that has not served the Nigerian people since 1999.

  • People Oriented:

The party derives her energy from everyday Nigerians who are not part of the people that create the problem this year elections is about.

  • Crowd Funding:

Legitimacy resulting from crowd funding. How the campaign is funded is verifiable, mainly drawn from everyday Nigerians across the world, and therefore morally poised to serve the interest of the Nigerian people and not the interest of godfathers and godmothers.

  • Politics of Ideas and Ingenuity:

The party is idea driven following her novelty of increased diasporic participation in the Nigeria polity, fostered through town hall meetings spread across the world.

  • Broad and All-encompassing National Discourse:

She has the highest engagement with the Nigerian people through her town hall meetings and she has therefore listened to more Nigerians and can better understand them and their needs.

Zoning (The Seventh Zone): Let’s Zone To The Nigerian People.

      Since 1999, zoning has been exploited as a means to garner votes from the people. The main idea is to raise regional sentiments that has further fractured Nigeria along ethnic lines. But a quick look at the regions that has produced the President in the last 19 years in terms of opportunities generated, access to infrastructures, health services, education, gives no justification for such reasoning. It is, however, clear that the ruling elites in the supposed traditional political parties currently parading septuagenarians as presidential candidates are better off in those years irrespective of what zone or ethnic group they belong.  The guiding principle informing AAC operational choices is the one that zones to the Nigerian people, everyone, everywhere – people who populate the 43% of unemployed and underemployment, people killed or whose relatives are killed by insecurity and poverty, people who can’t access good and affordable health services and are daily milled under poverty grind.

Debunking the Myth

Voting is not just about ousting the incumbent because that has been done before and yet Nigerians remain worse off. It is about improving our society and positioning it to solve our current problems and to meet up with future challenges. Looking at our manifesto and operational choices mentioned earlier, AAC is better prepared and positioned to solve our compounding national problems. 

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