Court remands Sowore’s lawyer

Earlier arrested Sowore’s lawyer, Marshal Abubakar has been remanded in Kuje prison by an Abuja court.

It was gathered that the Magistrate sitting at  Grade 1 Area Court, Kabusa had ordered his remand at Kuje Prison, till Tuesday, 8th of March 2022,on the grounds that his bail application was submitted, verbally.

Police arrests Sowore’s lawyer over lawsuit

Men of the Nigerian Police Force in Abuja have arrested Comrade Omoyele Sowore’s lawyer, Barrister Marshal Abubakar, of Femi Falana Chambers.

It was earlier reported that Barrister Marshal Abubakar was the lawyer who had sued the Nigerian Police, after the unlawful arrest of Omoyele Sowore, on the order of Ned Nwoko, on  the 24th of February 2022.

Omoyele Sowore had taken to his Facebook page to report the arrest. According to his post, the lawyer was forcefully arrested. His offence as claimed by the Police was that he defended Sowore and embarrassed them, by suing the Force.

BREAKING: Nigeria Police Force has just arrested Marshal Abubakar a lawyer attached to Femi Falana Chambers in Abuja for defending me during my recent spat with the police and so called “Billionairë” Ned Nwoko. Marshal D F Abubakar was traced to his home and forcefully arrested because he was accused of defending me. They claimed that he embarrassed the @police by suing them and Ned Nwoko on my behalf.

Sowore’s convoy attacked in Abuja.

Sowore’s convoy attacked in Abuja.

Occupants of the rear car in Sowore’s convoy were attacked by sponsored thugs on their way to the court hearing of the AAC vs INEC/ Usurpers. This information was made available by Mr. Omoyele Sowore, who took to his Facebook page, to report the attack. “… occupants were heavily assaulted and phones taken away”.Omoyele Sowore


“Today again in Abuja, Muhammadu Buhari regime sent assassins and thugs after us on our way to the Court of Appeal, they succeeded in double crossing our rear team, heavily assaulted occupants of the car and took their phones…”

It should be recalled that this isn’t the first time that Sowore and members of the AAC party face sponsored attacks.


#ASUUStrike: NANS pledges solidarity.


National Association of Nigerian Students, (NANS), Southwest( Zone D), has pledged its support for the Association of Staff Union Universities (ASUU), in its ongoing strike action.

The leadership of the zone headed by the Coordinator, Comrade Adegboye Emmanuel Olatunji, popularly known as “Teejay”, made this known in an official Press Release that was made available to the public in the early hours of 22nd of February 2022.

It should be recalled that the National body of the association, led by the National President, Mr. Sunday Asefon, had earlier threatened to mobilize students against ASUU, and to stall the progress of the demands of the Union.

Read below, the Press Statement:

The leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS ZONE D) today, the 22nd February 2022 held an all important meeting with the leadership of ASUU LAGOS ZONE, basically over the ongoing one month warning strike embarked upon by its members across the Nation.

After much deliberations and intellectual engagement between both bodies , we assured the union of our solidarity and support in this titanic struggle. A major reason why we have considered to join our lecturers in demanding for their right is significantly the decay in infrastructure and social amenities across our universities thereby making teaching and learning process difficult for both the students and lecturers even as we are not unaware that their children are studying in diaspora.

As the most ideological zone in the apex students governing body NANS , we will mobilize machineries and our foot soldiers in solidarity with ASUU until the federal government meets all their major demands.

It’s a sad development to know that Federal government has not been funding most institutions created, and have turned same to a means of embezzling funds, thereby making most of this universities to extort students due to the retrogressive nature of the Nigerian education sector, leaving school managements with no option than to source for funds by any means which includes charging students high to access the same education they got for free.

It is worthy of note that the agitation and demands of our lecturers include; funding for the revitalization of public universities, earned academic allowances, University Transparency Accountability Solution, and promotion arrears, others are the renegotiation of the 2009 ASUU-FGN Agreement, and the inconsistencies in the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS).

Finally, ASUU LAGOS Zone proposed that the only solution to the ongoing warning strike is amending the present law of university creations, adopting the system that supports that quality payment structure for educational workers, and adopting measures that must not further jeopardize the future of Nigerian Students but rather measures that prove and show the commitment that our leaders truly have our interest at heart.

Viva Aluta!

Comrade Adegboye Emmanuel Olatunji pka Teejay
Coordinator, NANS Southwest (ZONE D)

#OccupyINEC: AAC storms INEC Headquarters

#OccupyINEC: Executives and members of the African Action Congress (AAC), led by the National Chairman, Omoyele Sowore,  stormed the INEC headquarters in Abuja, to again, warn the commission to desist from its interference in the party’s affairs, and to stop other practices that continues to diminish democratic operations in the country.

Below are videos from the action:




In recent times, there has been an argument that only the ruling political parties have structures and that without structures,elections cannot be won, hence other parties like the AAC that assumedly is without structure does not stand any chance at the poll.

“MISSION192” is a deliberate plan to take AAC to the 192 wards in Edo state. It’s without equivocation a direct response to the issue of structure.

Incidentally, the induction took place at the venue where the PDP used to have their meeting. The landlord and other members of the community officially joined the AAC . We did not mince words in telling them that it simply meant that the people’s alternative has taken over.

About 50 people were in attendance. The people’s  excitement could not be hidden at the end of the event, because the long waited  alternative has been presented. According to the presider, he said that a man walked up to him and said “please register me, at that time I was attending to other people. He said My wish has come to pass, I have seen the seriousness from other Nigerians and now I am willing to join full throttle”.

There are many who want to see actions to show that the party is ready to take the country back from the selfish ruling class. We must organise more so that their confidence and faith can be built. “Blessed are those who do not wait for things to start happening but make things happen for they shall be counted as heroes of the liberation”.

There are 10 wards in Ikpoba Okha and a total of 10,340 polling units. The aim is to ensure that AAC gets to every ward in Edo state.  It’s instructive to  note that according to the party’s constitution the organs are; Polling unit, Ward,Local Government,State,National.

We are building a party that will not just contest election but instil a strong legacy of and our revolutionary ideas.


Take It Back Movement,

Edo State.


Previously Unseen Bombshell ASUU report on Pantami’s Fraudfessorship- Farooq Kperogi

Previously Unseen Bombshell ASUU Report on Pantami’s Fraudfessorship.

By Farooq Kperogi

Someone shared with me this February 12, 2022, report of the ASUU committee that investigated Pantami’s professorial fraud. In case, you’re not able to read everything, here are 17 highlights of the report.

1. The ASUU FUTO committee set up by FUTO to exonerate Pantami of professorial fraud was carefully handpicked without the input of the ASUU FUTO congress. One member who had a moral conscience declined his nomination to serve on the committee.

2. Three deputy vice chancellors intimidated ASUU FUTO congress by their presence at a meeting where Pantami’s issue was discussed, ensuring that they issued that absolute disgrace that deodorized his professorial fraud.

3. ASUU FUTO members were against the Pantamized professorial fraud but were scared of speaking out for fear of victimization. Only two young academics spoke out publicly against it.

4. After accepting his fraudulent professorial appointment and claiming that he would resume duties at FUTO on March 31, 2021, he has never set foot on FUTO and “never came for documentation.” So, technically, he isn’t a FUTO employee. Also note that he “accepted” his “appointment” months before it was offered.

5. Pantami has no office in the Department of Cyber Security, and the HOD has never seen him.

6. Contrary to FUTO’s tradition where a committee of deans examines professorial appointments, only one Professor G.A. Chukwudebe examined Pantami’s application. But Chukwudebe is NOT a professor of cyber security; he is a professor of electrical engineering!

7. Pantami was “promoted” (yes, PROMOTED) from Reader to Professor even though he was never a Reader anywhere in the world. He was Lecturer I at ATBU and an early career Assistant Professor (equivalent to Lecturer I) at the Islamic University of Madinah.

8. His “promotion” is “contrary to the decision of Council as communicated to Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim which indicated that he was appointed and not promoted.”

9. He was assigned a PhD student to co-supervise in September, months after he became a “professor,” although FUTO requires PhD supervision prior to appointment or promotion to professorship.

10. Pantami has not met the minimum requirements of the job ad to which he applied since he doesn’t have up to 12 years of post-PhD experience.

11. Pantami’s articles were never subjected to a plagiarism check, which has been a requirement for promotion to professorship at FUTO since 2018.

12. There’s no evidence that Pantami is an expert in cybersecurity (his PhD is in management from a business school), and he has hidden his CV from public access, indicating that “something is being covered up.”

13. As a tenured staff of FUTO who is not on an official leave of absence or on a sabbatical leave, Pantami does not attend mandatory meetings such as senate meetings, faculty board meetings, academic board meetings, etc.

14. Although Pantami claimed he would teach FUTO students virtually, he has never done so, and FUTO doesn’t even have the facilities for virtual teaching.

15. Pantami’s name does not, in fact, appear on the schedule of courses to be taught at FUTO, showing clearly that he only wants the title but not the job of a professor.

16. Promotion and appointment to the rank of professor typically takes a long time at FUTO (and many qualified FUTO employees are still waiting in line) but Pantami’s was concluded in just three months!

17. ASUU members who participated in Pantami’s professorial fraud should be suspended from the union for a year, and the VC, Nnenna Oti, should be suspended from the union indefinitely.

AAC declares #OccupyINEC Campaign

African Action Congress

African Action Congress, (AAC) has declared another round of #OccupyINEC campaign. This is coming after INEC has turned deaf ears to the series of agitations of the party, following its attempt to hijack the party, and the commission’s interference in the party’s activities.

Recall that suspended Mr. Leonard Ezenwa , for a while, has been in bed with INEC officials with the aim of meddling with the affairs of the party.
In a Statement released by Mr. Femi Adeyeye, the National Publicity Secretary of the party, the party also states its stand on the deregistration of political parties and President Muhammadu Buhari’s refusal to sign the Electoral Act.

Read below:






The African Action Congress (AAC) seizes this medium to announce its total support for the various citizen actions, put together by sections of civil society and political groups; activities geared towards expanding the electoral space, in which the party itself will be playing a crucial leadership role.

It is a fact that the electoral space has suffered a number of attacks since the Buhari regime came to being. From the deregistration of 74 political parties, some of whom would be at the Supreme Court on February 22, 2022, to the unjust, illegal, and immoral meddlesomeness in the internal democracy of political parties, as seen in the case of the AAC, the regime has shown total disregard to the rights of Nigerians to freely participate in the process that would determine who and what system leads them into the future they desire.

It is not difficult to understand that the extreme apathy recorded at both the Lagos local government elections and FCT area council elections are not unconnected to the unjust shrinking of choices of the people. It worries us that only one vote was counted in a particular polling unit in a highbrow area of the FCT such as Maitama. Even Nigerians living in the rural areas who have been dubbed “faithful voters” didn’t come out to exercise their franchise. It is worrisome that the people of Nigeria have lost trust in the system. We are deeply concerned as a political party.

However, it is unscientific to think people would participate in a process where their will and aspirations are not represented.
This is why we continue to protest vehemently the deregistration of political parties on the grounds stated by INEC. Same as the undue interference of INEC in our party.

We wish to also state that the legal actions taken to flush the state-sponsored usurpers from our party has entered full throttle, and we shall again be at the Court of Appeal, Abuja Division, on the same 22nd February, 2022. We are hopeful that justice, in the interest of democracy would be served on the matter.

As it concerns the signing or otherwise of the Electoral Act Amendment Bill 2021, we as a party are not under any illusion that the “Oh Yes” men and women of the loan-approving and budget-padding centre called National Assembly would do what is right, however little, for the people. We have always maintained that the APC and PDP are incapable of doing what is right. If that’s not the case, overriding the veto of the sleepy President who has withheld assent to the bill seven (7) different times, should not take a galactic year to happen.

It is so unfortunate that the Buhari regime would have to be forced to do a token, even at the twilight of its inglorious exit. What exactly is the regime afraid of?

This is why we are calling on Nigerians to mount serious pressure beyond the pressure to sign the electoral act amendment bill 2021. We must all bond at this time to make sure our electoral space is expanded, the Independent Electoral Commission as the umpire is devoid of officials with bias and partisanship, and that the amendment bill is signed into law, so that Nigerians can make electoral choices freely, fairly and faith in the system may then be incrementally built.

We call on Nigerians to troop out in their numbers at all protest venues on Tuesday, 22nd February 2022 and demand a free, fair and credible electoral system, moving forward.


Femi Adeyeye
National Publicity Secretary,
African Action Congress