#BuhariMustGo: Sowore Calls Out Dunamis Church Over Bizarre Press Statement

#BuhariMustGo: Sowore Calls Out Dunamis Church Over Bizarre Press Statement

“I woke up this morning to see this bizarrely written press release from Dunamis International Gospel Centre, the release is materially false on so many levels and Dr. Paul Enenche and his wife, Dr. Becky Enenche who Deji Adeyanju, lawyer Marshal DF Abubakar and I met with on Monday, are aware of the facts of this case. HERE ARE THE FACTS:

1. 10 activists attended the first service of Dunamis International Gospel Centre church on Sunday.

2. They wore #BuhariMustGo Tshirts ( which is not a crime and Dr. Paul Enenche attests to this during our two-hour long meeting).

3. They answered “altar call” wearing the Tshirts, were given holy communion and welcome packages ( Dr. Enenche attests to seeing them and even said he was excited).

4. They did not Livestream or protest inside the church (Dr. Enenche attests to their orderly conduct)

5. Upon exiting the church auditorium, they started livestreaming on Facebook and I was the one who shared the livestream and added that “#BuhariMustGo hits Dunamis” Not the activists.

6. They were approached by Church Security and TOLD to end the Livestream, they insisted it was their right and Emmanuel Larry told them he was a journo and maintained respectful distance from the church security.

7. They let them leave and the 10 activists got to the main road and five of the activists boarded a vehicle and left.

8. While five others were waiting FOR a taxi, a new set of church security men wearing reflective jackets CAME and intercepted them and physically manhandled them and took them back into the church premises to their security post.

9. They were forced to delete the two live videos, church officials took some screenshots and even shared with the media on Sunday (I believe they have the full videos retrieved from Emmanuel Larry’s phone).

10. It was the church security team that called the DSS and they (Lawless DSS) sent a white Hilux van accompanied by two power bikes to whisk them away.

They’ve not been seen or heard from ever since.

When Deji Adeyanju invited me to go to a meeting with Dr. Enenche I told him my primary and only interest was the freedom of the protesters because I suspected that the church wanted to use the meeting with us to “clear” the name of the church and Dr. Enenche’s and absolve them of the needless but unfortunate incident, that’s exactly what they tried to do and what this release set to achieve.

I am using this opportunity to urge Dr. Paul Enenche to go to the DSS headquarters in Abuja and get the innocent young activists freed without delay. I am glad this release STATES clearly that the Church is a place to fight against EVIL (and I guess evildoers), that said, most Nigerians today have come to an irrefutable conclusion that the Muhammadu Buhari regime is EVIL and that President Muhammadu Buhari is an EVILDOER, it makes sense ThEREFORE that the #BuhariMustGo activists were right to fight the EVIL regime on Dunamis church grounds, a place spiritually designated for such holy assignment, according to this release. #FreeDunamis5 Let My People Go! They’re only doing God’s work!”.