Our attention has been drawn to a post believed to be a press release emanating from the intra-party advisory council (IPAC) in Ogun state, wherein some elements endorsed the Governor for re-election.

We want to state unequivocally that the African Action Congress (AAC) is not part of such charade, as a separate party or as a member of IPAC. Our party is distinct in ideology and principles and would not endorse a Governor that does not represent any pro-people agenda.


Dapo Abiodun is one Governor who should be apologizing to Ogun state citizens and not campaigning. This is why we find it ridiculous that an advisory council who should actually act as a constellation of major opposing voices, would have anything to do with meeting the Governor, let alone endorsing him for re-election.


From dishing out crumbs as governance and littering the states with half-completed projects yet launched , the “contract percentage” Governor has failed woefully to deliver good governance to the people and should not be rewarded with another term.


The AAC seizes this medium to restate its commitment to stay the course and to assure the good people of Ogun State that help is on the way. Our candidate remains the indefatigable Mr HARRISON ADEYEMI and we urge every electorate who is tired of the misgovernance of Mr Dapo’s 4 ruinous years to vote the AAC.

Liberty is on the ballot.



Ogundimu Aishat


State Publicity Secretary,

African Action Congress


Adesina Afolabi

State Chairman,

African Action Congress.



Peace Committee Meeting: Sowore Protests Buhari’s Human Rights Abuses, Refuses To Stand Up For The Outgoing President

Peace Committee Meeting: Sowore Protests Buhari’s Human Rights Abuses, Refuses To Stand Up For The Outgoing President

The presidential candidate of African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore refused to stand up, amidst all the presidential candidates on their feets to honor the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mohammed Buhari while giving his closing remark.


The human rights defender said his refusal to stand up when Buhari was making his closing remark was a protest against the failure of the president of NIGERIA and his utter disregard for human rights and him being the worst President of Nigeria.


While other presidential candidates rose on their feets to honor the president, Sowore, the presidential candidate of African Action Congress stood his ground, sat down in protest.

Notice Of Suspension; AAC member, Ogun state..

Notice Of Suspension; AAC member, Ogun state..

Mr. Tanimowo Oyemade,



Notice Of Suspension


Greetings from the Ogun State Working Committee of the African Action Congress, AAC. We hope this letter meets you well.


The state leadership of the party has been briefed about a very disturbing report of your anti-party activities as well as ploy to auction the party ticket for the highest of bidders. We were informed specifically of further plans to host a public event within the week where you will make such transactions in the name of our party. In the light of this, the state working committee in it’s emergency meeting resolved to place your membership of the party on suspension pending investigation by a fact finding panel which shall be constituted upon your receipt of this letter.


Forthwith, you are hereby suspended as a member of the African Action Congress, AAC. This suspension takes immediate effect, and hereby advised to refrain from further transactions on behalf of the party.


The general public is by this letter put on notice as the AAC will not be held liable for any dealings with Mr. Tanimowo Oyemade.









Sowore kicks as INEC raises concerns over 2023 elections

Sowore kicks as INEC raises concerns over 2023 elections

Omoyele Sowore made this known while stating his position on the statement released by inec, in an interview with sunrise daily channels tv. There is always a conspiracy against democracy in this country, he said.

“We had a meeting as party leaders with security agencies in the country at the IG’s office a few weeks ago and we did raise this issue but they as usual downplayed it.

“What has happened to Nigeria this year is that Nigeria has failed successfully in the security area. We found out that a lot of non-state actors are in control of territory.

“They deactivate the public interest in elections. There is always a secret agenda in every electioneering cycle. There have been rumors to have an interim government and now INEC is coming out to say the election may not hold as planned because of security issues.

“We have always known we have a security issue but having pushed Nigerians into a point where everybody is now ready for an election and now saying in a few days to the election that it won’t go as planned is basically to make people lose interest in the election itself.”

He said the ruling class have other plans not for the sake of Nigerians but their personal interests.

“The Nigerian presidential election has always been postponed for one reason or another, but this time around, I see no reason why the election should be postponed. Inec should be well prepared by now because. It is 46 days until the election. The election should go on as planned unless there is something beneath that has not been told to the public.”

He said there is more to this than the media eyes.
Proffering solutions to the security issue he said, “There is a problem of militancy, that is why we can’t sell more than a million barrels of crude on a daily basis.

There is a problem of agitation for nationhood in the southwest and southeast, banditry in the northeast, terrorism in the northwest and above all, there is also governmental terrorism sprouting from the ideal of killing people who participate in peaceful protests.”

He said he will look at all these areas as the president of Nigeria and bring out what will fit each peculiar security challenge.

“For southwest it will be dialogue, for the bandits it will be stick. For the militants it will be further dialogue on how to fix their environment and the issue that is making this militancy come together.”

He said, without solving the socio-economic problem of the people, we can’t get the kind of security that will be needed.

“The damage done by the government to its citizens is what we are reaping from. If you have done justice to the southeast after the civil war nobody would be agitating for Biafra.

The AAC presidential candidate said leadership must be applied in solving the dislocation in society. He also said any kind of terrorism that lasts more than 10 years requires more than shooting at people.

Speaking on his ambition, Omoyele Sowore said his political party led the transformational and innovative style of campaign. There are multidimensional ways of campaigning and that’s what his party has engaged in.

He also said the media doesn’t cover them as they do other ‘big pockets,’ he said he is relying on the people. “We are bringing ideas to bear on a political process. I am sure ideas would win one day in this country.

“Nigeria has a foundational problem that is why people are asking for restructuring. Nigeria is about to tip over if drastic decisions are not taken, Sowore said while addressing the issue of decision-making as the president.

“Creating a brand new constitution that will take into consideration, cutting down the governance by getting rid of the senate, right people would be put in charge of security and his government will aggressively pursue electricity.

“Within my few days in office, I want to sign contracts to put this country out of darkness and that would be by generating twenty thousand megawatts of electricity, he said.”

To put people out of poverty, we have to industrialize and produce, to produce we must have electricity. It is impossible to experience the industrial revolution without electricity. The rest with infrastructure, healthcare, and agriculture to feed the nation would be adequately pursued and attained.

”Nigerians shouldn’t pay more for fuel”: Sowore on fuel subsidy.

”Nigerians shouldn’t pay more for fuel”: Sowore on fuel subsidy.

Nigerians shouldn’t pay more for fuel: Sowore on fuel subsidy.

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, has said: “Nigerians shouldn’t pay more for fuel and it should be their right”.

Sowore said this during an interview on Arise tv morning show while replying to a question on fuel subsidies. When asked if he would keep the subsidy despite the deficit budget that’ll be inherited.

He also made a revelation that the supposed subsidy on fuel is a fraud. According to Sowore, every country in the world is giving the best to their citizens.

“Norway has some of the best welfare for their citizens. Like free education, and free healthcare. Nigeria is the only country at this level of oil producing stage that is punishing its citizen with the lie of oil subsidy. What has not happened is to have a leadership in place that can check the fraud,” he said.

Sowore described many of the companies that are involved in subsidy removal in Nigeria as “scammers”. According to him, they’ve been proven to be scammers, adding that many of them are facing international sanctions, especially those in Switzerland and other places. “They have been made to pay huge fines to the US government when they are not even doing the kind of businesses they are doing in Nigeria,” Sowore said.

Sowore further said, “Even when you remove the subsidy, they’ll figure out a strategy again to come back and say they need more. They are holding the country by the jugular until their hands are removed and the country controls the resources. He said, he’ll nationalize the NNPC to follow up on that”.

Sowore said he would not remove but keep the subsidy despite the deficit budget that’ll be left by Buhari’s administration.

“What they parade as subsidy is how the economic cabals in the system have figured out how to get themselves paid for a job not done. Jonathan’s administration was forced to find out that those who were collecting subsidies were not delivering fuel to Nigeria. One of the badges claimed to be bringing subsidized fuel to Nigeria had sunk twenty years before. All these perpetrators were before the court, and none of the cases to my knowledge has reached conviction till today.

“Those of us who have that experience on the lies that have been told to cover up subsidy know it’s a lie that is told from time to time,” he added.

Suggesting a way forward, Sowore said to have the availability of these (fuel) products, the government should fix its own refineries instead of investing in private refineries like that of Dangote in Lagos.

He said: “According to the government, the only product that is subsidized is petrol. Even though diesel, kerosene, and aviation fuel are not subsidized, there is no effect any benefit from it. In fact not only that they can’t be found on a daily basis, but their prices also keep fluctuating”.

He concluded, “If the subsidy is removed without any plan to support the poor people of the country that means petrol will go to #1000 naira and people who are being paid #30,000 minimum wage wouldn’t be able to survive.

Government should not exist to make life miserable for the citizen. It should exist to find solutions to problems that are afflicting the populace. Government should not exist for palliatives but concrete leadership to bring about the planned development.”

My activism birthed Nigeria’s democracy

My activism birthed Nigeria’s democracy

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, speaking on the topic ‘Why youths don’t participate in Nigeria politics,’ in an interview with Super screen TV said
“A lot of politician lies and sugarcoat, that’s why I don’t like to be called a politician cause it makes me feel I’m part of them.”

He said he is different in character, he has made sacrifices and has scars to show for it. “Nigerian people gained democracy as a result of my activism. That was the most important thing when I was young. The goal was to drive the military out however, it is very disappointing that the democracy turned out to be fake.”

Sowore said the people that were driven out in the 90s are now back, citing the example of president Muhammad Buhari who was the head of state in 1984 and still the president in 2023.

“In 1925, young people created Nigerian youth movement to fight for Independents. People like herbert Macaulay, Okoli, and young women of then are not excluded. Over time, young people are being relegated to the background and now, young people are being engaged in thuggery,” Sowore said.

“Young people are running to abroad to find greener pastures. What society does to it’s young people is to educate them, provide another opportunity for people who are not interested in school, provide jobs, that’s how to get society developed,” he said.

Sowore said enforcing a digitized economy would tackle corruption and allow transparency and accountability.



Dear Compatriots,
As we draw near to the 2023 General elections, the Omoyele Sowore Presidential Campaign Committee of the African Action Congress (AAC) seizes this medium to reach out to all lovers of liberation home and abroad, who are willing to join our already mobilized army of canvassers across over 176,000 polling units in the country. Our canvassers would be armed with the correct ideas with which they will reach out to electorates, before and during elections across these units.

Complaining about the situation in the country is not enough. It’s time to do the work of liberation. Join the community of revolutionary doers today.

See flier for details.

Signed :
Sanyaolu Juwon
for Directorate of Mobilization

Education can not be funded by court judgement, Sowore supports ASUU

Education can not be funded by court judgement, Sowore supports ASUU

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore has said that the Nigerian educational system can not be funded by court judgement, going against the judgement of the appeal Court which orders the Academic Staff Union of University workers to call of its 8 months old strike.

Sowore said this at the 2022 convention of the Law Students Society of Nigeria (LAWSAN) which held at Port Harcourt on Thursday.

Sowore said “Most of our leaders are people who ought to be in prison were it that our legal systems were working for crimes that they committed against the people of Nigeria.”

“Our political reality in Nigeria today is clearly defined by our legal system. If the legal system had been working in the interest of justice, there would have been clearance for a lot of you to have made progress in your life.”

“Were the legal system designed for justice, Judges would not force lecturers to go back to school instead of forcing the government to fund education because regardless of the temporary relief you get from this judgement and orders, education can not be funded by court judgement except it is directed at the right people.”

“The argument that government can not find education is superfluous, reckless and unjust, because why? Government can fund the accountant general to take home 150 billion Naira to take home,” Sowore added,” the Presidential candidate added.

Recall the ASUU had declared a strike action on February 14 which was intended to force the federal government to fund education properly amongst other issues. Eventually, the 8 months ASUU strike was brought to an end by a judgement of the Appeal court on October 7th which ordered the lecturers to return to class while it’s appeal is heard.

AAC party Lagos lambasts APC over mockery of lagos residents as flood epidemic ravages the state.

AAC party Lagos lambasts APC over mockery of lagos residents as flood epidemic ravages the state.

A press statement by the spokesman of the Lagos State Environment Commission, Kunle Adesina, said residents of areas like Ketu, Alapere, Agric, Owode onirin, Ajegunle, Alagbole, Kara, Isheri olowora, Araromi Otun orisha community, Agiliti, Maidan, Mile 12, Odo Ogun, Owode elede, Agboyi 1, Agboyi II, Agboyi III, located on the banks of Ogun River need to relocate to higher ground.

The AAC party condemns and rebukes the press statement issued by Kunle Adesina. The statement was written and signed by incomprehensible people who have no idea of the government’s responsibility in times like this. How can a warning about environmental hazard be announced to the people without taking mitigation and compensatory measures?

Where does Sanwo-Olu intend to relocate the poor working people living in the above areas? Has the Sanwo-Olu government made arrangements for their relocation? Is there a plan to deal with the economic hardships that the floods will bring to these people?

One expects such statements from Nigeria’s ruling elite without plans to stop the threat. A few days ago, we heard Bola Amed Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the APC, aka the Architect of Lagos, aka Sanwo-Olu Landlord, refer to the problem of climate change, which is the main cause of the floods we are currently experiencing across Nigeria, as “preventing a church rat from eating the poisoned holy communion.” They do not care about mitigating climate change, nor do they care about the damage and economic hardship it is causing to ordinary and poor people.

The incompetent misrulers of APC are bereft of the simple idea that Climate change can affect the intensity and frequency of precipitation. Warmer oceans increase the amount of water that evaporates into the air. When more humid air moves over land or converges into a storm system, it can produce more intense precipitation, which becomes the heavier rain and storms causing the flood in Lagos!

In Lagos State, lack of intra city trains has caused lagosians to use more cars, which increases heat and makes the ocean warmer than usual. Failure of the Sanwo Olu led regime to collect, manage and recycle waste for economic purposes is directly responsible for blockage of the few and inadequate drainages in Lagos state. It is also important to also note that the lagos state government allowed their cronies to sell lands indiscriminately without the state having to first build roads and drainages before the lands are being approved for sale. The areas of Lagos in proximity to the ocean and rivers in Lagos are Etiosa and Ibeju Lekki LGA, it covers over 648km of land and almost a million residents yet the state government is yet to build one single drainage to control the floods.

Flooding is nothing new in Lagos. The Eko Atlantic project grew out of the “Great Wall of Lagos,” which was intended to protect the coastline of Victoria Island from erosion. However, the project only served to protect the properties and businesses of Nigeria’s ruling elite, while causing further environmental crises in working-class neighborhoods.

It is a shame that after eight years of rule by the so-called architect and landlord of Lagos, which he claims to be, and fourteen years of his puppets, there are still no policies and measures to protect the vulnerable residents of Lagos from flooding. They have left the poor working class of Lagos to the whims and caprices of bourdillon godfathers and their housemaids. Well, the irresponsibility of Sanwo-Olu is to be expected as his government is only there to serve the needs of his landlord and the 1% ruling class in Lagos.

That is why the AAC party, which is the only party today that stands up for the people, is calling on the people of Lagos and Nigeria to break away from the fascist neoliberals who put profit above our lives and welfare. The upcoming elections are another opportunity to pay them back in kind for all the misfortune and hardship they have brought upon us. It is time we take Lagos back from those who believe that Lagos belongs to them.

Osatohamen Ebhohon
African Action Congress Party, Lagos.

Press statement: AAC Oyo chapter set to unveil candidates ahead of elections

Press statement: AAC Oyo chapter set to unveil candidates ahead of elections


It is now clear that the people of this country and this state automatically have come to realize the only alternative political party that is left to liberate them is the African Action Congress (AAC) party. For us, it is encouraging to see our people come to consciousness and are taking responsibility for their political affairs.

For so many years in Oyo State, the residents haven’t experienced good governance or the dividends of democracy and our political affairs have been grossly (mis)managed by those that do not have the interest of the common people at heart. The people of Oyo State have not been able to describe what they have really benefited from this democracy we pretend to practice as the political gladiators (so called) are continuously overriding the masses for their personal gains.

Sadly, none of our past and current governments have directly impacted the life of the people for the progress of our socio-political system and all they are known for are injustice, corruption and political imbalances.

To point out some of their mischievous acts; we could recall the year 2020 when the Federal Government released food items to various States Governors as palliatives to relieve the common people of the economic hardship caused by the pandemic, it was clear that the State Government only distributed the palliatives among their patronage network. In that same year when the #EndSars protest happened, many protesters lost their lives and till date no public prosecution has been made in that regard.

The African Action Congress as the alternative political party with the interest of the people at heart is here and ready to bring genuine democracy back to the people of Oyo State and the nation at large. It’s going to be an all-inclusive government.

Our party believes in collectiveness to get rid of these political marauders and to end their long reign of political businesses. In this vein, we urge all well meaning residents of Oyo State to join us in unveiling the party candidates on the 22nd of October 2022.