#June12Protest: A Defining Moment – Take the Struggle Forward!

#June12Protest: A Defining Moment – Take the Struggle Forward!

PRESS STATEMENT – 14th June 2021
The massive nationwide and global turnout for the #June12Protest marks a milestone in the struggle against the regime’s tyranny and its utter inability to ensure a better life for the working people and youth. It is a demonstrated step forward, towards the revolutionary transformation of Nigeria.

This hugely successful wave of demonstrations came up on the heels of the government’s ban of Twitter and threats which were backed up on the streets with security forces armed to the teeth, with the aim of stopping the mass movement. It thus sends home a clear message that we will not be repressed, we will make our voices heard and we will fight for our total liberation, until victory is won.

Coalition for Revolution (CORE) seizes this opportunity to salute all members of its affiliates who made this historic moment happen. We equally commend the great Nigerian students who, in several states, defied the treacherous order of the pro-government secretariat of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) to students’ unions to desist from joining our ranks on the streets.

The #June12Protest is not a passing moment, it is part of movement-building efforts of the Revolution Now campaign. We will take this struggle forward. Preparations to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the launch of the Revolution Now campaign on 5th August will immediately commence in earnest.

We take note of the concurrent demonstrations of separatist groups in countries such as Britain and the United States, calling for Oduduwa and Biafra republics. CORE makes bold to say we support the right of oppressed nationalities to self-determination. But we hasten to stress that the primary challenges which confront working-class people and youths of all ethnicities and across all regions in the country are social questions: exploitation; economic and physical insecurity including hunger, joblessness, kidnappings, senseless killings; and political repression by a rabid government.

To borrow from the memorable words of the immortal fighter, Chima Ubani “regime change is our stand, mass resistance is our vehicle, system change is our goal”. Our aim is not merely to kick out the Maj Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd)-led regime which has brought nothing but sorrow, tears, and blood to the poor masses. We fight – alongside workers, farmers, artisans, marginalised women, and youth – to implement the CORE Charter for Total Liberation. And we will not stop until we win our self-emancipation and build a better society for all.

Baba Aye

Gbenga Komolafe