Our Fighting Track Record Delivered Democracy To Nigerians

Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Mr. Omoyele Sowore has said that he has better track records than other Presidential candidates in the race. Speaking with Fresh FM, Ibadan the AAC flag bearer said “We are now in the age of democracy and Nigeria became a democratic nation through our track record and that’s far bigger.
“Had I not done that with the young people of then, there wouldn’t be elections or political parties.
“We are the frontrunners in creating the path towards democracy and every other thing I have done ever since then points to the fact that I have been consistent in building and strengthening the culture of democracy in the country without getting paid for it.”

Speaking about the revolution he is aiming at in Nigeria, he said there are no two revolutions.
“I am not trying to build a toyota truck called revolution. It is a revolution that will bring a total change, it will change the course of history, make life great for people in this country, make everything that ought to be for people get to them. Not a system that changes from time to time.”
He said his revolution will ascribe to people the dignity they deserve and ultimately his revolution is for the continent of Africa, where the African man will become proud, owning a resource and processing it, where they don’t have to be rich and poor at the same time.

“There will be solid but revolutionary institutional reforms in which we would deal with the issue of security, power sector, unemployment, education, technology and sustainability.
He said Foundational issues would be about restructuring, changing the Nigerian constitution, ensuring Nigerians define the path of unity, nationhood and progress, peace and prosperity for themselves, just and fair distribution of resources.
Facing the anchors he said, “You will understand what it means to have a revolution when you live under a revolutionary government.”

Speaking on education, he said in his time no classrooms in the university should have more than twenty five students. He said he was a lecturer in two universities in New York and the largest class was twenty seven students. He said he wants to create a learning and conducive environment.
In summary, Mr Omoyele Sowore spoke about electricity. He said to have permanent electricity in Nigeria, within his first two years in office, he would push towards ten thousand additional megawatts of electricity and ensure that by his fourth year, he has done twenty thousands megawatts of electricity.