Education can not be funded by court judgement, Sowore supports ASUU

Education can not be funded by court judgement, Sowore supports ASUU

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore has said that the Nigerian educational system can not be funded by court judgement, going against the judgement of the appeal Court which orders the Academic Staff Union of University workers to call of its 8 months old strike.

Sowore said this at the 2022 convention of the Law Students Society of Nigeria (LAWSAN) which held at Port Harcourt on Thursday.

Sowore said “Most of our leaders are people who ought to be in prison were it that our legal systems were working for crimes that they committed against the people of Nigeria.”

“Our political reality in Nigeria today is clearly defined by our legal system. If the legal system had been working in the interest of justice, there would have been clearance for a lot of you to have made progress in your life.”

“Were the legal system designed for justice, Judges would not force lecturers to go back to school instead of forcing the government to fund education because regardless of the temporary relief you get from this judgement and orders, education can not be funded by court judgement except it is directed at the right people.”

“The argument that government can not find education is superfluous, reckless and unjust, because why? Government can fund the accountant general to take home 150 billion Naira to take home,” Sowore added,” the Presidential candidate added.

Recall the ASUU had declared a strike action on February 14 which was intended to force the federal government to fund education properly amongst other issues. Eventually, the 8 months ASUU strike was brought to an end by a judgement of the Appeal court on October 7th which ordered the lecturers to return to class while it’s appeal is heard.