Education can not be funded by court judgement, Sowore supports ASUU

Education can not be funded by court judgement, Sowore supports ASUU

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore has said that the Nigerian educational system can not be funded by court judgement, going against the judgement of the appeal Court which orders the Academic Staff Union of University workers to call of its 8 months old strike.

Sowore said this at the 2022 convention of the Law Students Society of Nigeria (LAWSAN) which held at Port Harcourt on Thursday.

Sowore said “Most of our leaders are people who ought to be in prison were it that our legal systems were working for crimes that they committed against the people of Nigeria.”

“Our political reality in Nigeria today is clearly defined by our legal system. If the legal system had been working in the interest of justice, there would have been clearance for a lot of you to have made progress in your life.”

“Were the legal system designed for justice, Judges would not force lecturers to go back to school instead of forcing the government to fund education because regardless of the temporary relief you get from this judgement and orders, education can not be funded by court judgement except it is directed at the right people.”

“The argument that government can not find education is superfluous, reckless and unjust, because why? Government can fund the accountant general to take home 150 billion Naira to take home,” Sowore added,” the Presidential candidate added.

Recall the ASUU had declared a strike action on February 14 which was intended to force the federal government to fund education properly amongst other issues. Eventually, the 8 months ASUU strike was brought to an end by a judgement of the Appeal court on October 7th which ordered the lecturers to return to class while it’s appeal is heard.

AAC party Lagos lambasts APC over mockery of lagos residents as flood epidemic ravages the state.

AAC party Lagos lambasts APC over mockery of lagos residents as flood epidemic ravages the state.

A press statement by the spokesman of the Lagos State Environment Commission, Kunle Adesina, said residents of areas like Ketu, Alapere, Agric, Owode onirin, Ajegunle, Alagbole, Kara, Isheri olowora, Araromi Otun orisha community, Agiliti, Maidan, Mile 12, Odo Ogun, Owode elede, Agboyi 1, Agboyi II, Agboyi III, located on the banks of Ogun River need to relocate to higher ground.

The AAC party condemns and rebukes the press statement issued by Kunle Adesina. The statement was written and signed by incomprehensible people who have no idea of the government’s responsibility in times like this. How can a warning about environmental hazard be announced to the people without taking mitigation and compensatory measures?

Where does Sanwo-Olu intend to relocate the poor working people living in the above areas? Has the Sanwo-Olu government made arrangements for their relocation? Is there a plan to deal with the economic hardships that the floods will bring to these people?

One expects such statements from Nigeria’s ruling elite without plans to stop the threat. A few days ago, we heard Bola Amed Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the APC, aka the Architect of Lagos, aka Sanwo-Olu Landlord, refer to the problem of climate change, which is the main cause of the floods we are currently experiencing across Nigeria, as “preventing a church rat from eating the poisoned holy communion.” They do not care about mitigating climate change, nor do they care about the damage and economic hardship it is causing to ordinary and poor people.

The incompetent misrulers of APC are bereft of the simple idea that Climate change can affect the intensity and frequency of precipitation. Warmer oceans increase the amount of water that evaporates into the air. When more humid air moves over land or converges into a storm system, it can produce more intense precipitation, which becomes the heavier rain and storms causing the flood in Lagos!

In Lagos State, lack of intra city trains has caused lagosians to use more cars, which increases heat and makes the ocean warmer than usual. Failure of the Sanwo Olu led regime to collect, manage and recycle waste for economic purposes is directly responsible for blockage of the few and inadequate drainages in Lagos state. It is also important to also note that the lagos state government allowed their cronies to sell lands indiscriminately without the state having to first build roads and drainages before the lands are being approved for sale. The areas of Lagos in proximity to the ocean and rivers in Lagos are Etiosa and Ibeju Lekki LGA, it covers over 648km of land and almost a million residents yet the state government is yet to build one single drainage to control the floods.

Flooding is nothing new in Lagos. The Eko Atlantic project grew out of the “Great Wall of Lagos,” which was intended to protect the coastline of Victoria Island from erosion. However, the project only served to protect the properties and businesses of Nigeria’s ruling elite, while causing further environmental crises in working-class neighborhoods.

It is a shame that after eight years of rule by the so-called architect and landlord of Lagos, which he claims to be, and fourteen years of his puppets, there are still no policies and measures to protect the vulnerable residents of Lagos from flooding. They have left the poor working class of Lagos to the whims and caprices of bourdillon godfathers and their housemaids. Well, the irresponsibility of Sanwo-Olu is to be expected as his government is only there to serve the needs of his landlord and the 1% ruling class in Lagos.

That is why the AAC party, which is the only party today that stands up for the people, is calling on the people of Lagos and Nigeria to break away from the fascist neoliberals who put profit above our lives and welfare. The upcoming elections are another opportunity to pay them back in kind for all the misfortune and hardship they have brought upon us. It is time we take Lagos back from those who believe that Lagos belongs to them.

Osatohamen Ebhohon
African Action Congress Party, Lagos.

Oyo AAC Unveils Gubernatorial Candidate, Running Mate, Ready To Take It Back

Oyo AAC Unveils Gubernatorial Candidate, Running Mate, Ready To Take It Back

The Oyo Chapter of the African Action Congress (AAC) has unveiled Okedara Kehinde Mojeed as the gubernatorial candidate of the party for the upcoming 2023 general election in the state.

The unveiling which took place in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, has the gubernatorial candidate, Okedara Kehinde Mojeed his deputy, Oladimeji Ayomide and other candidates in attendance.

Addressing the gathering, the Chairman of African Action Congress, Oyo state chapter, Kayode Babayomi, said the party is happy to inform Oyo citizens that it is fully prepared for the 2023 election and take it back from the corrupt government.

His words: “We are ready to take it back. We are ready to deliver the Oyo state citizen from economic woes. We are ready to make life meaning for the people. We have the ideology ready, the mode of engagement and structural plans to do this. We are ready.”

In his remarks, the Party Gubernatorial Candidate, Okedara Kehinde Mojeed, said the African Action Congress has come to renew, transform and to free the state from the current security and social economic challenges.

He said: “We have come to free the residents of the state from these numerous challenges. Oyo state ought to be like the European countries. We are suppose to be pacesetter and be of good example.

“So we will save our people, we shall start from the youth and move to the old. We shall make good economy policies, develop infrastructures among others. We are here to take it back.”

Press statement: AAC Oyo chapter set to unveil candidates ahead of elections

Press statement: AAC Oyo chapter set to unveil candidates ahead of elections


It is now clear that the people of this country and this state automatically have come to realize the only alternative political party that is left to liberate them is the African Action Congress (AAC) party. For us, it is encouraging to see our people come to consciousness and are taking responsibility for their political affairs.

For so many years in Oyo State, the residents haven’t experienced good governance or the dividends of democracy and our political affairs have been grossly (mis)managed by those that do not have the interest of the common people at heart. The people of Oyo State have not been able to describe what they have really benefited from this democracy we pretend to practice as the political gladiators (so called) are continuously overriding the masses for their personal gains.

Sadly, none of our past and current governments have directly impacted the life of the people for the progress of our socio-political system and all they are known for are injustice, corruption and political imbalances.

To point out some of their mischievous acts; we could recall the year 2020 when the Federal Government released food items to various States Governors as palliatives to relieve the common people of the economic hardship caused by the pandemic, it was clear that the State Government only distributed the palliatives among their patronage network. In that same year when the #EndSars protest happened, many protesters lost their lives and till date no public prosecution has been made in that regard.

The African Action Congress as the alternative political party with the interest of the people at heart is here and ready to bring genuine democracy back to the people of Oyo State and the nation at large. It’s going to be an all-inclusive government.

Our party believes in collectiveness to get rid of these political marauders and to end their long reign of political businesses. In this vein, we urge all well meaning residents of Oyo State to join us in unveiling the party candidates on the 22nd of October 2022.



Party NEC dissolves state executive committee, constitute caretaker committee in Kaduna, Kano, Kaduna, Kebbi, Jigawa, Sokoto and Zamfara state

Party NEC dissolves state executive committee, constitute caretaker committee in Kaduna, Kano, Kaduna, Kebbi, Jigawa, Sokoto and Zamfara state


Our Ref: AAC/NWC/SEC/022/11
To: State Executive Chairmen State Working Committee



Further to the submission of the report of the AAC-TIB Expanded Committee which was set-up by the National Working Committee of our revolutionary party to study the state of our party structures nationwide and provide recommendations, the NWC in line with Section 49 (iii) and Section 52 (ii l) of the party’s constitution, hereby dissolves the State Executive Committees in the states under reference. This dissolution notice is with immediate effect.

This decision is taken for the urgent need to reposition the party in the light of different developments that have undermined the growth of the party in the states listed.

Consequently, the following individuals are hereby appointed to serve as Caretaker Committee Members of the Party in the States under reference, pending the announcement of an elective congress.
1. Chairperson – Jamilu Mohammed Sani
2. Vice Chair- Bilkisu Abdullahi (Kaduna North)
3. Vice Chair- Awwab Ibrahim Ahmad (Kaduna Central)
4. Vice Chair-
5. Secretary – Abdulmumin Murtala Giwa
6. Organizing Secretary- Shedrack Danladi
7. Publicity Secretary – Kalu Christopher Abuchi
8. Treasurer – Rahmatu Abdullahi
9. Legal Adviser- Auwalu Muhammad Haruna
10. Women Leader- Aisha Dauda Ibrahim
1. Chairperson – Hon Abdullahi Abba Sheriff
2. Vice Chair- Alhaji Dauda Abubakar Bichi (Kano North)
3. Vice Chair- Hon. Usman Ali Usman (Kano Central)
4. Vice Chair- Abdulkadir Ado (Kano South)
5. Secretary – Usman Hassan Usman
6. Organizing Secretary- Bashir Aliyu Muhammad
7. Publicity Secretary – Zubair A. Zubair
8. Treasurer – Abdulrahman Muhammad Yusuf
9. Legal Adviser- Barr. Rabiu Sidi
10. Women Leader- Hajiya Maryam Bashir

Kano continued;
11. Youth Leader- Fahad Abdulsalam
1. Chairperson – Kado Mashi Babangida
2. Vice Chair- Alhaji Lawal Tudunwada Funtua (South)
3. Vice Chair- Muhammad Maizamani (Central
4. Vice Chair- Musa Muhammad Daura (North)
5. Secretary – Dr Aliyu Machika
6. Organizing Secretary- Aisha sani
7. Publicity Secretary – Mallam Aminu Bara’a
8. Treasurer – Mohammed sani Usman
9. Youth Leader- Bashir Yar’adua
10. Legal Adviser- Barr Ibrahim Umar Rafukka
11. Women Leader- Sumarra Hadi
1. Chairperson – Abdul-Nasir Nassarawa
2. Vice Chair (1)- Nura Nataala (Kebbi Central)
3. Vice Chair (2)-
4. Vice Chair (3)-
5. Secretary – Engr. Bala Bashar
6. Organizing Secretary- Atiku Abubakar
7. Publicity Secretary – Muhammad Dan-Uwaye
8. Treasurer – Abubakar Khadir Umar
9. Legal Adviser- Barr Mohammed isa
10. Woman Leader- Bilkisu Attahiru
11. Youth Leader- Ibrahim Abdllahi

1. Chairperson – Bashir Abdullahi
2. Vice Chair- Chika Shehu
3. Vice Chair- Nura Jumaidu
4. Vice Chair- Alhaji Tukur Hafiz
5. Secretary – Zutuku Ibrahim Jodi
6. Organizing Secretary- Chika Shehu
7. Publicity Secretary –
8. Legal Adviser- Suleiman Ibrahim
9. Women Leader-
1. Chairperson – Yasir Bin Yusuf Maiglass
2. Vice Chair- Yahuza Ciyama (Zamfara North)
3. Vice Chair- Johnson Ayegba (Zamfara Central)
4. Vice Chair- Abdullahi Umar (Zamfara South)
5. Secretary – Al-Amin Bashir
6. Organizing Secretary- Umar Abubakar
7. Publicity Secretary – Bello Isa Mafara
8. Treasurer – Ashiru Muhammad
9. Legal Adviser- Maryam Tafida
10. Women leader- Hanan Umar
11. Youth leader- Hassan Isa Gusau
1. Chairperson- Ahmed Isyaku
2. Vice Chair (1)- Shittu kabiru Aminu
3. Vice Chair (2)- Ibrahim Ahmad
4. Vice chair (3)-
5. Secretary- Yakubu Suleiman
6. Organizing Secretary-Hussaina Isyaku
Jigawa continued;
7. Publicity Secretary- Tirmizi Ali Wakili
8. Treasurer- Yakubu Usman Sabo
9. Legal Adviser- Barr. Abba Hassan
10. Youth Leader- Baffa Musa
11. Women Leader- Hajia Maimuna Nuhu Inuwa
As caretaker committee members, the Party expects you to be above board in your conduct at all times and would ask for your commitment to deliver outstanding quality leadership and results that exceeds expectations even as you go about setting up Party structures at the grassroots.
Note however, that your Powers and Functions are as outlined in Section 37 (a), (b), (c) & (d) of the constitution of the party.

Please accept our warmest congratulations.


Ina Okopi-Agu National Secretary

Video: AAC Ede Ward Meet to Discuss 2023 Election

Video: AAC Ede Ward Meet to Discuss 2023 Election

Members of The African Action Congress, Osun state, Ede ward met on Sunday to initiate discourse on strategically mobilizing people of the state to key into the ideology of the party, ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Present there were the Ward executives and state executives like the party secretary,  Mr. Ebony. Also in attendance were like the TIB Osun Coordinator, Mr. Samson Tola and Netufo Tomide, TIB southwest Coordinator.

Click link to watch: Ede ward meeting video

Our Govt will Massively Deploy Technology across Schools – Bond Ohuche, AAC Abia Guber Candidate

Our Govt will Massively Deploy Technology across Schools – Bond Ohuche, AAC Abia Guber Candidate

Over the years, Abia State appears unlucky in terms of governance, because of the paucity of ideas by people steering the affairs of the state. As the 2023 general election approaches, conscientious Abians who have been presented an opportunity to reset their fate have submitted through the African Action Congress a rare-breed politician, Bond Ohuche. In a long chat with Journalist, Damilare Adenola, the well-educated professional rides throughis fortune of life-changing plans for Abians.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Chief Bond Christian Oluchukwu Ohuche. I’m a native of Amoba, in Arochukwu kingdom, Arochukwu LGA of Abia state. I’m married with two children

I attended primary school in Onunweke primary school where my mother taught from 1980 to 1986. Became the general monitor.

Attended St Augustine’s seminary Ezzangbo and finished secondary school at Izzi high school where I became the deputy senior perfect, founder and leader of the school’s debate and jets clubs.

I proceeded to university of Nigeria, NSUKKA thereafter. I have a degree in geology and mining. A masters degree in hydrogeology. A B.Ed degree in political science/education. I’m also a member of the international water association, UK

Why did you decide to run for the No 1 office in the state?

My state, Abia, is not making progress. From lack of statecraft by her leaders to infrastructural decay. Civil servants and retired personnel are owed years of salaries and pensions. Waste has taken over the state and it’s impossible to access over 70 percent of local government areas from the capital!

For instance, in my kingdom of Arochukwu, there’s no Abia to Abia road to it. One must go through akwa ibom to access my kingdom. Are you aware that even primary school teachers just returned from a prolonged strike? Healthcare delivery is zero! So zero that the incumbent governor boasted about giving mothers 500naira as palliative after childbirth! What impudence!!!

Seeing all these ills bedeviling my dear state and after a comprehensive assessment of all sectors, I decided to join the race, having armed myself with the necessary skills and mostly home made, Affordable solutions to the state’s problems

How would you rate the performance of the incumbent government?

Zero! They’re not paying salaries and pensions. They’re not building durable roads. They’re not equipping the hospitals. They’re not evacuating waste nor converting same to power and other better uses. They’re not building nor encouraging the building of industries and new businesses. They’re not inspiring confidence. They’re only using the state media to spread propaganda and using some other means to subjugate the people who challenge them.

But hope is coming!

What are your plans for the state?

Our government will massively deploy technology across schools and provide what we call relevant Education which focuses on skills acquisition so as to ensure that our graduands and graduates are employable, self reliant and useful to both selves and society.

Our government will establish three modular refineries within the first year to process Abia’s crude oil for pms, diesel and kerosene. These refineries will not only provide the needed jobs but also ensure that our oil communities and some other Abians have some level of equity in the shareholding of the refineries. This will ensure the security of the investments and also their sustainability as a formidable going concern over next decades.

Our government will implement an organic security policy that focuses on getting the people who own the lands and forests to police them. Every inch of land in Abia state is owned by one family or community and nobody can better protect your space than yourself. They and our regular security agencies will in turn counter police each other while working together to secure our people, their farms, and sundry properties. Security is not just about guns and bullets. If it were, then heavy arms-producing nations would have been the safest in the world! In our particular case, we’ll equally implement policies that ensure that the incentives for crime are annihilated. Our people are hard-working people and need just the appropriate and targeted government policy kick-off to realign towards productivity.

Our government will build micro and mini turbines of not more than 2MW each and partner with the EEDC to use these captive power stations and electrify our state so as to power our local economy which is near comatose owing to the high cost of diesel and associated costs. The business models of these power stations will be such that host communities also own some reasonable volume of equity in their shareholding so as to ensure its security and sustainability as a profitable business cum social service.

Our government will build durable roads using a mixture of both cement and asphalt depending on the geotechnical configurations of the benefitting communities. The contracts for these roads will also be structured in such a way that benefiting communities also share a percentage of the profits accruing to the contractors.

Our government will use the town unions and other registered associations to implement a very robust healthcare insurance policy. This will ensure that our citizens access primary to tertiary healthcare services, including burial/support funds just by paying token annual insurance premium which may not be up to 15,000naira to cover the entire family members. These we’ll do while upgrading health facilities, recruiting and adequately renumerating healthcare workers optimally with a special focus on their welfare.

Our government will implement robust waste to Wealth program which will not only ensure we have a cleaner environment but also help Abians get paid for disposing their waste appropriately. The ones for recycling will be done while using the rest to generate electricity.

Our government intends to socialize profits and privatize losses instead of the reverse scenario which our looting elite have subjected us to.

Our government will deploy technology to ascertain our staff strength and both pensions and salaries exposures. We will take very concrete steps from inception to restructure the pensions scheme, pay off the backlog and migrate the ones in active service into a more  rewarding and zero fraudulent pension scheme. This will boost productivity in the public service and eliminate the incentives for age falsification and stealing due to a hopeless pension scheme that doesn’t secure their future.

My dear people of Abia state. Today I present you with a choice. To either continue on same trajectory that has placed us at the bottom of the comity of sub national governments or to make a clean break from the chains and commence an assured voyage into productivity, mass prosperity and bliss.

For me and my household, we’ll go with this credible alternative which AAC and her candidates represent!


Lagos is not a Mega City  – Akeem Olayiwola AAC Lagos guber candidate blows hot

Lagos is not a Mega City – Akeem Olayiwola AAC Lagos guber candidate blows hot

For 23 years, the center of excellence and the economic capital of Nigeria has been managed by one party, although at some point have rebranded. Again in 2023, the contest for the no 1 position in the state will be open  and personalities and parties in their numbers have thrown their hat in the ring; Amongst them is Mr. Akeem Olayiwola, the flag bearer of the AAC party in conjunction with Ben Eze, an astute academician. In an interview with reporter, Damilare Adenola, the business mogul digs into his profile and shares thrilling views of the state.

Can you Introduce yourself?

My name is OLAYIWOLA AKEEM, I am the Lagos State governorship candidate for AFRICAN ACTION CONGRESS -AAC.

I hold a B.Sc. in Mass communication from Olabisi onabanjo University Ago Iwoye. Ogun state. I’m a freight forwarding business mogul. I’m married with kids.

There is the saying that lagos is a mega city, do you agree?

No… presently Lagos State cannot be adjudged as a mega city, owing to the fact that amenities with which to determine a mega city are not visible in the State.

A mega city is expected of bearing facilities of modern development in virtually every sectors in the state. i.e ranging from transportation, education health, security architecture, and general way of life of the people.

How would you rate the performance of the incumbent governor in terms of development?

Nothing at all to rate as a performance.
The incumbent governor failed the state in every area; in terms of education, it failed woefully. In this 21st century, the number of schools/classrooms are not enough to contain the wards and this grossly subject our primary and secondary schools to a mere center of breeding thugs, cultists, and other criminals since the classrooms are overcrowded for a teacher to properly manage and monitor the activities of about eighty to one hundred students in a classroom.

In the health sector, if he performed brilliantly in this area, the chief cabal of Lagos wouldn’t have traveled for medicals when he was sick. Unfortunately, the political godson of the known cabal did not add up any hospital or even a common clinic to what Bàbá Lateef Jakande had built from 1979-1984. Also, the sector is bereft of adequate medical equipment and the lack of manpower is mitigating the quality of health deliveries.

In the housing sector, Lagos State needs a minimum of 193,000 housing unit yearly so as to create shelter for the low earner income of ₦59,000 a month. The current Lagos state government in collaboration with private bodies only delivered 6,300 housing units in three years in office.

Transportation: nothing to show for this compared to what the sector is raking in as revenue to the state. Lagos State is not annexing the water transportation to decongest road usage and ease the mobility of Lagosians.

Waste management: this suppose to be a community project under the supervision of local governments in a supposed mega city, but local governments in Lagos State are operating like branches of state government without any tangible function.

In the area of security, the 2022 budget on security is ₦70.716bn, and this is purely exclusive of the monthly security allowance from the federal government. With this huge amount devoted to security, no street in Lagos State should be without a properly installed CCTV camera to monitor activities.

In conclusion, the Incumbent governor failed in every sector when juxtaposing its revenue to it’s performance.

Why are you contesting for the no 1 position in lagos?

I am contesting for the number 1 position in Lagos State to return government to the people. I am contesting to give equity and justice to the people of Lagos State so that elusive peace and love can be restored in the State.

Why your choice of the AAC party?

I am a grassroots pioneer and registered member of the AAC party. AAC as a revolutionary and socialist party has a well-structured manifesto that revolves around upgrading people’s welfare.

The Challenge, the myth and the Vision; Game changing Plans of AAC Taraba gubernatorial candidate revealed

The Challenge, the myth and the Vision; Game changing Plans of AAC Taraba gubernatorial candidate revealed

As the 2023 general election approaches, personalities and parties have entered the contest of who will generally oversee the Nature’s gift to the Nation. One of this many personalities but a distinguished is Dr. David Charima who spoke extensively to, reporter, DAMILARE Adenola, about his game-changing plans.

Can you introduce yourself sir?

Dr. David Victor Joel Charima is my name but officially prefers to be known as Dr David Charima. I hail from Nanzo Village of Abbare B Ward of Lau LGA of Taraba State. I am a trained Veterinary Surgeon and Member of Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA) and Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN).

I have an Executive Diploma in Entrepreneurship and MBA in Business Administration from Taraba Business School where I was retained to serve as a Senior Lecturer after graduating with Distinction.

I am a community youth leader of yandang Nation. Also a Director, Nigerian Young Professional Forum (NYPF) Taraba State Chapter. I once Contested for State Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN). Finally, an Ambassador of National Yandang Youth Development Association.

I was the President of Joint Christian Campus Fellowship University of Maiduguri where he was instrumental to the building of Students Ecumenical Center

Do you have any background in politics?

I was a confidential aide to the Deputy Governor Taraba State from 1st November 2016-2020. I was also the Senior Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Taraba State and concurrently, a Special Aide to the Deputy Governor before resigning to contest for Governor myself.

Why are you contesting for the no 1 seat in Taraba state?

There are three reasons why I have decided to throw my hat into the ring; the Challenge, the myth and the Vision.


In 2008, we were sharing banters with my Secondary School Classmates and one of them shut me up saying; ‘When people from great States are talking, People from Taraba should shut up because it is a “One Street State’

And in 2008, ten years after, a similar situation presented itself and I was asked to shut up because Taraba is backwards by 2 weeks and that National dailies reach Taraba two days after and we do not have what it takes to be called a State.

No airport and other social infrastructural developments including that attracts the world to States.


To demystify the outplays of those who emerged as Governor has been my resolve.

A. To prove that Leadership is not rocket science but it takes Political will, Visionary passion and Innovative creativity to become a great leader which we lack since 1999.

B. It is said that those who emerged as Governors have an initials that match the DD and another letter to emerge.

In 2007 – Danbaba Danfulani Suntai (DDS) was Governor

In 2015 – Darius Dickson Ishaku (DDI) is Governor and I strongly believe that

In 2023 Dr David Charima (DDC) is next


The Vision is to SEE a greater Taraba against all odds

What are you game-changing plans?

Taraba State has been governed by a Bloc that only serves its purposes and vested interests, but our goal is to, in spite of such obligations we shall

#1. Drive the message of unity and equal coexistence between Waring communities and religious distinctions

#2. Ban the export of all raw materials and agricultural produce and Industrailize those commodities by processing, packaging and marketing them as finished products

#3. Drive both urban and rutal infrastructural and social developments by decentralizing the Education sector (Satellite Campuses) across the 16 LGAs and siting industries in every Local Council

#4. Focus on Tourism developments and encouraging socio-cultural festivities across the over 40 ethnic groups

#5. Boost Livestock and modern animal husbandry to feed the nation to meet up the United Nations proposition to achieve protein demand in our foods.

SEE happens to be an acronym adopted by your campaign, what does it mean?

I SEE a Greater Taraba Vision is essentially an acronym for

1. S – Security

2. E – Economy

3. E – Education


To ensure and enforce Peace in the state we shall ensure and enforce the following;

1. Develop a database of the current population through digital censors program and developing a computerized medical record system of births and deaths index.

2.  Place a ban on illegal immigration, settlement and encroachment.

3. Enforce the Executive order to ensure that two-fighting is a state crime. And shall form part of curriculum from nursery to higher levels of education and Faith base Institutions.

4. Traditional council leaders shall be held to account for any ethnic or religious crisis or dispute.

5. An Executive order shall be passed and signed to revoke the privileges of whoever takes laws into their hands in no matter the case that leads to destruction of lives and properties.

6. Whoever, is involved in land dispute and takes the law into his or her hand shall lose such property no matter his position as owner or caretaker.

7. Kidnapping, Cattle rustling and Insurgency shall, through Executive bills and signed act receive State Capital Punishment of the death penalty and corruption as well.


Civil Service can not meet the growing demand for job creation at the expense of the deficiency of wealth creation. The annual budget of Taraba State since 2020 is over 100 Billion but our internally Generated Revenue is less than 5 Billion Naira. This means TARABA STATE IS BROKE!

Our goal is to ban all export of raw materials and agricultural produce while we process, package and market those products.

Our first target shall be to invest, partner and collaborate with Corporate organizations to boost

1. Sugar Production

2. Rice Production

3. Tomatoes Production

4. Cocoa Processing

5. Groundnut Processing

6. Palm Oil Production

7. Salt Production

Within the first four years and the below shall be in the second term

1. Natural Resources Exploration and Processing

2. Cotton-Garment industry

3. Tourism Development

4. Shea butter Oil and Olive Oil Production

5. Woodwork Production (Afforestatiin of cash tress and Furnituring)

6. Excellent Education and Working Environment of all Sector

7. Entrepreneurship Development and Empowerment Scheme.

In all of the above we shall ensure the following;

1. Healthcare Development

2. Education Revolution

3. Road Infrastructure

4. Housing Development

5. Veterinary and Livestock Development

6. Water Development

7. Food Security.


First is to

1. Remodel our curriculum to infuse

A. Technology and Computing

B. Entrepreneurship Development and E-commerce

C. Peace and Conflict Resolution

D. State Laws and capital crimes subjects

E. Skill Acquisition and Arts/Crafts

2. Excellent Learning and Conducive Environment

3. Establishing Satellite Campuses in LGAs

4. Encouraging Professional Courses

5. State Special Science and Commercial Schools

6. Re-establishment of Teachers College

7. Establishment of Teachers Training Institute.

Our Government will Illegalize Parents Keeping Children Out of School – Sowore

Our Government will Illegalize Parents Keeping Children Out of School – Sowore

The presidential candidate of the AAC party has declared that it will be illegal for parents not to enroll their kids in school.

Speaking to Arise tv on Tuesday, Sowore mentioned that he would incentivize parents to put their kids in school: “one of the basic things we would do about the educational sector is to attach conditional cash transfer to parents enrolling their kids in school. That’s the way to incentivize and encourage parents to make sure their children go to school. Meanwhile, under our government it will be illegal for parents to keep their wards out of school.

When asked where he would get money to fund education, Sowore said: “Nigeria’s problem from time has always been wealth creation and not distribution. What Oxfam, an international Organization said is: in 2014, five Nigerians were richer than half of the population; how did they get it? Because all the cooperate and individual welfare packages are tossed in their direction.”

“As at yesterday, 16 trillion Naira went the way of some few Nigerians, Dangote and Honeywell, and the rest of us, there is nothing for us. ASUU is asking for 1.3 trillion Naira, to be given 200 billion in tranches, they said they didn’t have but the accountant general could steal 150 billion Naira without being noticed.”

“I’m saying it’s a matter of priority and international policy; a substantial amount of our budget must be allocated to education. The goal is to educate our population massively so that we can compete internationally. That would also be the source of economic development; our educated populace will surely help develop the country. Its how India did it and several other countries that use to be at the same level with Nigeria.”

“What we have done over the years is that we have ignored Education, policies and agreements and we kept turning over the wealth of the country to a few people who use the money to send their children abroad. Let me give an example, for a child to be enrolled in UK, in some big schools, it costs nothing less than £50,000, an amount enough to build two schools here in Nigeria.”

“When it comes to spending our own wealth on our own people, we keep complaining that we don’t have money, while we do, but not just spending it on the people we are supposed to spend it on.”