DSS Cannot Intimidate Nigerians Into Forced Patriotism – AAC

DSS Cannot Intimidate Nigerians Into Forced Patriotism – AAC

Nigeria’s main opposition party, the African Action Congress (AAC), has called out the Department of State Security (DSS) over its intimidation of citizens in favour of President Buhari.

The AAC in a statement released on Monday 3rd of May, 2020 and made available to the Press, says;


“It is no news anymore that the polity has been engaged by Nigerians with a lot of agitations for social, political, and economic justice.

“There is no over bloating that these agitations are being orchestrated across the full length and breadth of the country with Nigerians in diaspora not excluded. In the acceptance of the aforementioned, the Department of State Services (DSS) in a press statement released on 2nd May 2021 and signed by its Public relations officer, Mr. Peter Ifunanya has taken its usual uncivilized posture of heating the polity with threats and subversive statements against the constitutional rights of Nigerians to freely speak, assemble and protest against the unfortunate trend of insecurity, poverty, corruption and total lack of respect for citizenship. It is indeed unfortunate that this security outfit that has been grossly incapable of fishing out terrorists, bandits; ‘’unknown gunmen’’ both on our streets and inside government offices; such gross incompetence, that has turned the country into a hotbed of kidnappings, terrorism, and banditry has suddenly found its reed voice and has taken to the market to threaten Nigerians whom in a harmonious manner have passed a vote of no confidence on the tyrannical and anti-people Buhari regime. For a country that now ranks 3rd most terrorized nation in the world, it is rather pathetic that instead of addressing this ridiculous ‘’feat’’, the regime concerns itself with a misplaced priority of chasing after protesters and critics while empowering, protecting, and defending terrorists”. The AAC said in a statement which was signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Olorunfemi Adeyeye.   “It is evident that the DSS needs a course on democratic tenets and principles and how people’s rights to disagree must be respected. The act of drawing a red line to people’s rights must be condemned by all and sundry just as we have always maintained in the African Action Congress (AAC). As a party, we have long come to the conclusion that the Buhari regime is incapable of running a democratic and highly effective government guided by the rule of law. It is our position at the African Action Congress that the rights of Nigerians to freely assemble, organize and express themselves without any intimidation must be fully respected. We reiterate for the umpteenth time that patriotism cannot be forced on people who have been denied social justice”. The statement further reads.