Ok, I can now understand what a politician means from definition of foolish minds..

A politician will keep quiet when university students are kept at home for over seven months due to government unleashed ASUU strike. This is because according to shallow minds, politics is not about education and future of our youths and welfare of their lecturers but about political power that must be gotten at all cost and by all crooked means possible.

A true politician must be blind, hear nothing and say nothing to socio-political and economic crisis that affects the people because his ambition is power grabbing and nothing more. And he should not rock boat of the status quo for fear of being denied victory by votes or by rigging.

The job of a good politician is not to involve himself in any protest, strike or respond to social issues that adversely affect the people but to keep dubious silence even if heaven will fall. In as much as some people still remain to vote for him, then no stress.

To be a good politician, you must worship the incumbent arrogant aristocratic oracle and other political deities. Don’t step on their toes to speak for the people when they are in distress because people’s interests don’t really count to a good politician but power for self and his greedy group to accomplish a transient or life ambition.

You can’t be a good politician if you don’t have enough huge stolen public fund to fight a political war, buy votes, induce voters, buy police, soldiers, induce INEC and unleash political thugs and violence on the electorate and the general public.

If you want to be acknowledged as a good politician, you must cultivate the habit of lying and propaganda without any scruple. Integrity and good character means nothing to a good politician in Nigeria but power nothing but power.

Sowore is truly not a good politician to have identified with ASUU strike and students protest or any protest at all. When I saw him with protesting students, it occurred to me that he’s really not a good politician. Or how many presidential candidates or parties have identified with these oppressed students and lecturers? None, , because they are good politicians who are desperate for power but bother less about the people. “Eni Amori iba ku, Agunla Aguntete” (let everyone goes to blazes, it doesn’t concern typical Nigerian politicians)

Since election is close by, a good politician should know that many uneducated youths and university students denied of classrooms are easy recruits to his army of political thugs, his voters, retailers of vote buying. For Sowore not to understand this, it means he’s not a good politician according to the warped opinions of many educated but foolish Nigerians who define a good politician from a bad premise. A rogue tradition they met and want to sustain and defend. .Ask them who’s a good politician in Nigeria, this is who and what these injured and destroyed minds mean.
“Make you ask them o, and we must ask” according to Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (RIP)

I stand with ASUU and students denied of going to school.