INTERVIEW: “I will work to eradicate Ministry of Women and Youth Affairs,” Ismaeel Ogunsola, AAC Oyo SHA Candidate

INTERVIEW: “I will work to eradicate Ministry of Women and Youth Affairs,” Ismaeel Ogunsola, AAC Oyo SHA Candidate

The 2023 general election is becoming a contest of ideas and values, than in previous years when it was cash for cash and bullets for bullets. In the pool of the emerging value-driven and ideologically inclined politicians is Ismaeel Ogunsola, running for an assembly position in the Oyo State House of Assembly. On a one on one with DAMILARE Adenola, Ismaeel dishes out series of his revolutionary plans intended to better the lives of his constituents.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Ismaeel Oladare Ogunsola

I was born in Igboora, Oyo state, Nigeria. had my primary, secondary and tertiary education in Oyo And Lagos state.

Studied finance at The Polytechnic, Ibadan in 2013 and later Economics at the University of Ibadan, 2018. I am ICAN and ACCA certified.

I worked in the banking sector for several years, from the defunct Diamond bank to Skye bank, now known as Polaris bank, until 2020 when I was sacked by the bank amidst controversies for front-lining protests against bad governance in the country.

I am now a writer, a stockbroker, digital marketer and the founder of Altruistic Mankind Project (Altmap) where we are mapping out sustainable world for coming men via series of advocacy and digital businesses.

I am currently the African Action Congress candidate for Oyo state house of assembly representing Ibarapa central and Ibarapa North

You tagged your campaign: revolutionary representation, what are the revolutionary plans you have for your constituents?

Yes, It is not tagged revolutionary representation for rhetorics, our ideas are revolutionary as it gets, and we will be legislating from a revolutionary side, which will be in tandem with our party’s (AAC ) manifesto. For instance as Oyo state house of assembly member, I will be sponsoring a bill that seeks to put government officials and civil servants on the same living wage.

I will be sponsoring a bill that seeks to digitalize our contracting system and severe punishment for defaulters.

A bill to efface the ministry of women’s affairs and youth ministry. These ministries were fashioned out to perpetually keep the two demography as minorities.

A bill to end oppressive cultural practices in our society. e.g- child marriage, sexual exploitation, genital mutilation, disinheritance of women, etc…..

How would you rate the Seyi Makonde government by in terms of developing Oyo state?

The Seyi Makinde government just like every other governors score low in terms of what development should be.

Anyone who thinks otherwise will be doing so because we have demeaned governance and development in this part of the world so much. So we take basics and bare minimum as good work.

But for people like us, he has done so little.