Let new people govern this country: sowore

The presidential candidate of african action congress (AAC) Omoyele Sowore, in a radio program with jordan fm has urged Nigerians to let new people with new ideas govern Nigeria.

Giving his thoughts about tourism in Nigeria he said there is no maintenance culture.
“We will maintain what has existed and create access to what has not.
He gave ideas on how to develop more tourist centers that would attract people to visit in nigeria.

Addressing the question on what he would do during his first two years in office, he said he will spend the first two years to ensure there is uninterrupted power supply and he’ll invest heavily in a number of opportunities that have presented themselves by technology to bring power/electricity, ensure security for the people and invest adequately in education.
On education, he said he will not be a president who allows ASUU to go on strike.
On electricity, he said if electricity is taken care of, the GDP of the country will astronomically rise, job opportunities would increase and crime rate will reduce. “There can’t be peace with no development and no development without investing in people, he said.”

Speaking on his present alliance, he said the PRP is taking charge of his campaign in the northwest and northeastern part of the country.

Sowore advised Nigerians to get rid of the sentiments that the same people should have the only right to govern them. “Let new people govern this country. Let a new generation take over. Remove the analog leaders and put digital leaders in place, he said.”