Electoral Act Empowering INEC As Major Decision Makers For Parties Is Not Democratic: Sowore

The Presidential Candidate of African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore has criticized the new electoral act for having a deficit that got the senate president declared in an election where he never contested for its primary election.

He challenged the Nigerian lawmakers at the national assembly public hearing on the “Electoral Act 2022” saying they had made it possible to be taken advantage of by the judiciary.

“I want to say regarding this that the electoral act has a lacuna that is being exploited by the judiciary. We are all aware that even though the electoral process has been closed, courts are still giving conflicting judgements regarding candidates in this election including some candidates that didn’t even participate in primaries that have been imposed on inec as we speak, one of them is your president here, he said.

The AAC Presidential Candidate also condemned the electoral acts that empower INEC to become a major decision maker for parties, saying it is not a democratic electoral act.

“An electoral act that also empowers inec to become a major decision maker for parties is not a democratic electoral act.

He made mention of how parties are being deregistered at will and urged the senate to look into it.

He said, “The senate should look directly into how to curb inec power to deregister parties because that does not promote democracy at all. Parties are registered and participating in elections and whenever inec likes, they deregister them and they may shut out very serious ideological parties. I am afraid that if they are allowed to do that, some of our parties might become victims of this excellent but draconia power of inec.

Sowore pointed out how incapable the INEC live servers have been and its inability to handle queries in national elections unless the ICT department of INEC creates a solid website that can carry out encrypted messages from polling units.
“They don’t have strong servers, they don’t have the ability to connect to as many queries coming to it instantly the way other websites should function, he said.




We use this opportunity to inform that our candidates for the Governorship and Deputy Governorship offices in the Osun 2022 Elections are:

Olufemi  Eniola JOHNSON (Governorship)

Olugbenga Justus Odunewu (Deputy-Governorship)

Both are the properly elected candidates of the party in the forthcoming elections. The Sogbadero Team will bring a new spring of radical change to the whole of Osun, and save our people from the current fear of voting between the devil and the deep blue sea!

We condole with all Nigerians that are under the scourges of massive insecurities. We call on the Buhari government to stop trading with the lives of Nigerians through its inept, impune, and incompetent rulership of the country.

We believe that Nigerians should obtain their voters cards, engage massively in civil actions and take their destinies into their hands by voting the People’s Candidates and standing against all oppressions!

Another Nigeria is Possible!

Meet Our Senatorial Candidates!

Meet Our Senatorial Candidates!

The People’s Senators!!!
MacDonald Amaran


I’m running for Senate to Restore hope to my people by Revamping our educational system, Introducing intellectual property to our legislative processes (like never before done) in order to promote transparency and attract honest investors to create millions of jobs. I have the passion to also promote Women and Youth Development programs, Elderly care programs, Effective law enforcement programs to enable the protection of life and property. Please join me in making a difference in our country as a whole, buy giving me the opportunity to serve you the people in ways never anticipated.

Justus-IkpunekhaiIdenobemhe Jude


I promise to provide an effective representation for the people of this great country. As an elected member of Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I will provide vibrant legislative advocacy, lobbying and consulting with the people to deliver the dividends of democracy. My immediate tasks would involve; (i) Resolving the challenges faced by our people. (ii) Designing possible intervention programs that would provide solutions to our national problems; including the issues at the PCG. I would strive to belong to House committees that would bring direct development to our people, instead of the so called “juicy” committees that are self-serving and have no bearing to the need of my people. I would create a network of like-minds with other members of the Senate and serving ministers to ensure that my country benefits from the development programs of the Federal government. Finally, I pledge to the people of Edo North Senatorial district that your vote for me would be the end of broken promises and unfulfilled programs. Thank You And God Bless. Comr. Jude Idenobemhe Justus-Ikpunuekhai(Ikpuns Baba -The Voice Of The Masses)

Larry Osaghie Onaghinor


Support: VISION, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY. Vote for CHANGE! MY URGENT 10 POINT AGENDA: 1. Free education at Primary/Secondary levels. University student loan repayable loans when gainfully employed. 2. Automatic withdrawal of Police Protection for all political office holder and public servants except in specific cases such as, court judges and the officials of the Anti-Corruption Agencies. 3. Equal representation of women in all governmental institutions at all levels. 4. Disclosure of monthly earnings of Law makers. 5. INEC to be under the control of the judiciary and not the executive arm. 6. Unemployment benefits for all Nigerians, 18 yrs and above. 7. Monthly income support for unemployed single/unmarried mothers. 8. Automatic prohibition of the importation of electric power generators into Nigeria. 9. Legislation for total restructuring of the current states structure. 10. FREE HOUSING for all Nigerian.

Oladeinde Abayomi Fadeyi


Engineer Fadeyi Ola Abayomi has accomplished much as he set out to do, now he’s ready to deliver Nigerians from poverty. Lagosians should come out and vote him in office as Lagos West Senatorial District Senator for a positive change under the African Action Congress Party (AAC). His priorities in office include but are not limited to the following; 1. Improve and expand educational and training programs for the youth 2. Reduce unemployment 3. Access to first class medical care 4. Construction of mega city railway systems 5. Construction of 21st century terrestrial road networks, linking major cities.

Francis Shonubi


I am a humanist that believe in an egalitarian Society. I involved myself in human capital development and also volunteer my service in community developmental project’s. All my life i mentor and train younger one’s to discover their full potential. i served and currently involve in community project’s in my community Igbogbo Kingdom of Lagos State. I’m running for SENATE representing Lagos East Senatorial District at the next general election on the 16th February 2019 and i solicit for your support and endorsement so that WE can give power BACK to the PEOPLE. All fund during my campaign will be accounted for.

Lady Doris Amaka Opara


I am passionate about the lives of ordinary people,if given this mandate i will distribute buses to all the government schools.